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Composition for Brass with the Atlantic Brass Quintet

Course dates

July 2 to July 15, 2018

Application deadline

April 30, 2018

  • Compose every day and gain immediate feedback from internationally recognized brass players, composers, and educators.
  • Have your music played by the Atlantic Brass Quintet.
  • Receive instant feedback and daily readings.
  • Learn from internationally acclaimed music composers.
  • Learn about specific issues related to composing for brass.
  • Attend lectures and demonstrations on idiomatic brass composing and the history of brass quintet literature.
  • Hear your work performed in a public performance of student composers’ pieces alongside featured composers and arrangers.


Undergraduate: MUSIC 420, 3 units
Graduate/post-baccalaureate: MUSIC 620, 3 units




Serious composers at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as professionals and faculty interested in learning how to compose idiomatically for brass instruments and the brass quintet as a genre. We are most interested in composers who can write ideas quickly in order to benefit from the course structure. Students should have a strong background in music notation and theory and be familiar with music notation software.


  • Submit notated scores of at least one recent composition but no more than three. Scores must be clearly notated using music notation software. Links to a performance or MIDI realization of submitted works must accompany at least one of the works submitted. Also submit a 100- to 200-word personal statement describing your interest and ability to benefit from this course.
  • Submit/upload the materials listed above when you apply online by April 30, 2018.


Professor Brian Wilson

Guest Artists

Atlantic Brass Quintet

The Atlantic Brass Quintet –

Widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest and most versatile brass chamber ensembles, the Atlantic Brass Quintet has performed in 48 of the United States and dozens of countries across four continents. Atlantic specializes in masterful and vibrant presentations of a repertoire spanning five centuries and a broad spectrum of styles, from Bach and Brahms to Mehldau and Monk to Brazil and the Balkans.

Winner of six international chamber music competitions, the Quintet's distinctive sound, impeccable ensemble, stunning virtuosity, and warm, inviting stage presence have won praise from scores of critics.

Ray Burkhart

Ray Burkhart –

Accomplished composer and trumpeter Ray Burkhart is well-known in the California brass world for his expertise and artistry as a performer. He is recognized internationally for his compositions and scholarly work, including work in the area of brass music history.

Eric Ewazen

Eric Ewazen –

Eric Ewazen has been a faculty member at Juilliard since 1980 and is one of the most forefront composers of brass music in the world. He has been commissioned for and written for brass luminaries such as Joe Alessi (trombone) and Philip Smith (trumpet) of the New York Philharmonic, the Horn Section of the New York Philharmonic, the Summit Brass Ensemble, and the American Brass Quintet.

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, Course Coordinator –

A versatile composer, arranger, conductor, and educator, Brian Scott Wilson creates music with economy, purpose, and humor. Winner of the International Trombone Association Composition Competition for "The Avanti," Brian’s scoring and sense of pacing have earned him a reputation as a master of craft.

Finding inspiration in the music of Stravinsky, Mingus, and Varese, Brian’s eclectic style utilizes classic and jazz elements in a way that feels simultaneously familiar and new. His jazz-inflected harmonies are evident in the whimsical "Modes of Transportation" for orchestra as well as the elegiac "Orange Was Her Color" for wind band. His deep spirituality finds expression in works as diverse as "Klezmer Concerto" for clarinet and "Prayer for Peace "for women’s choir and orchestra. Brian is professor of music at Sonoma State University where he currently teaches upper-level music theory and serves as Music Department Chair.

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