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Papermaking and Artist Books

Course dates

July 2 to July 15, 2018

Application deadline

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR THIS COURSE HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Please contact the Course Coordinator for information.

  • Learn to make handmade paper and explore concept development, language, and symbols as you transform the paper into an artist book.
  • Learn rag papermaking, from cutting rags and beating fiber in a Hollander beater, to rendering pulp and forming sheets.
  • See your drawings, photographs, or computer-generated imagery imbedded in paper through creating custom stencils to pulp print imagery directly into the paper as the sheets are formed.
  • Explore paper manipulation techniques such as staining, cutting, and sewing, as you add to and alter your handmade paper.
  • Learn handmade artist book-binding techniques as you assemble your handmade paper into books.
  • Investigate concept development, including sequencing, combining image and text, and symbolism, through class discussions and individual critiques.
  • Display your work in a public student showcase exhibition.


Undergraduate: ART 421, 3 units
Graduate/post-baccalaureate: ART 621, 3 units




A wide range of upper-division and graduate-level art majors. Fine art majors in fields such as printmaking, illustration, painting, and drawing will enjoy exploring paper as a medium and investigating their concepts, imagery, and stylistic approaches through artist books. Photography students will see their photography embedded in the paper through pulp printing. Animation students can explore sequencing as books are inherently a time-based media. Graphic design majors will get to experiment with book structures and design. Creative writers with studio art experience may also be interested in this course as a way to explore how book structures impact their writing.

Prospective students should have basic hand skills, such as measuring, cutting and tearing paper and an understanding of their conceptual interests. Additional useful skills include drawing, digital image creation, or photography for creating either hand-drawn, computer-generated, or photographic stencils for pulp printing; image creation skills such as drawing, printmaking, painting, sewing, or collage for altering paper as it is transformed into artist books; and an interest in exploring concepts, language, and symbols.


  • Submit an essay including your artist statement AND either a URL to your current website, OR a portfolio of 8-10 images of your current artwork. Your portfolio should be saved as a single PDF document, and each image should be labeled with the title, size, media, and date the piece was created.
  • Submit/upload the materials listed above when you apply online by April 30, 2018.


Michelle Rozic

Guest Artists

Drew Cameron –

Drew Cameron is a paper artist and war veteran. After returning from the war he began a practice in the craft of hand papermaking, cutting his own uniform apart and turning it into paper. Sharing this process with the community and fellow veterans is the basis for his work today as Combat Paper, a transformative workshop that seeks to provide a setting for people to connect with each other.

To investigate our various experiences, responsibilities and the collected effects of war and militarism in our communities is an imperative inquiry of our time. Combat Paper is a collaborative effort. Through the people involved with production papermaking mills and workshop projects, programming has occurred across the country year-round for the past decade. Their studio work is in 34 public collections and comprised of editions of portfolios, prints, small press publications and unique art pieces. Drew is based in San Francisco.

Denise Bookwalter –

Denise Bookwalter is a printmaker and book artist that lives in Tallahassee, Florida. She received her BA from Northwestern University, her MA from University of Illinois and her MFA from Indiana University in printmaking. She is a Professor in the Art Department at Florida State University where she is Area Head of Printmaking and Founding Director of Small Craft Advisory Press, a collaborative book arts press.

Denise has exhibited extensively and her work can be found in numerous collections nationally and internationally, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Museum Meermanno - House of the Book, in the Netherlands.

Michelle Rozic

Course coordinator Michelle Rozic’s artwork explores the relationship between nature and culture and hand-drawn and mechanical methods of representation. Glitched panorama photos of Los Angeles, captured through the window of a moving car, are the source photos for her current prints, drawings and sculptures.

She is the printmaking coordinator at CSU Northridge, with an MFA in printmaking from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a BFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design. She served as president of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society from 2013 to 2015. Michelle’s work is held in national and international collections and her work has been featured in over 100 national, international, and traveling exhibitions.

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