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Spectrum Dance Theater: Dance for a Better World

Course dates

July 2 to July 15, 2018

Application deadline

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR THIS COURSE HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Please contact the Course Coordinator for information.

  • Be daring in your dance! Work with dance visionary Donald Byrd and Spectrum Dance Theater.
  • Discover and develop contemporary techniques for greater expression and strength.
  • Diversify your repertoire with a variety of styles and forms.
  • Perform in the public student showcase at a new level as you challenge your artistic expectations.
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Undergraduate: DANCE 420, 3 units
Graduate/post-baccalaureate: DANCE 620, 3 units




Intermediate- and advanced-level dancers with an interest in contemporary movement


  • Submit a headshot, and dance resume.
  • Submit/upload the materials listed above when you apply online by April 30, 2018.


Professor Jane McKeever

Guest Artists

All guest artists are subject to change.

Spectrum Dance Theater

Spectrum Dance Theater

Spectrum Dance Theater (SDT) ignites audiences through the ambitious agenda of Donald Byrd, whose appetite to explore the arts knows no boundaries. Under Byrd’s visionary artistic leadership since 2002, Spectrum has emerged as a company of national and international significance.

SDT was founded in 1982 to bring dance of the highest merit to a diverse audience composed of people from different social, cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. The theater's principal objective is to make the art form of dance accessible through contemporary dance performances and high-quality training in a variety of dance styles. The dancers of SDT are a select group of unique artists chosen and trained in Byrd’s singular approach to dance/theater, physically demanding and emotionally charged. They occupy the space where the classical, contemporary, intuitive, cerebral, visceral, right brain, left brain, control, and abandonment converge.

“Spectrum Dance Theater’s new evening-length work, (Im)PULSE, opens at fever pitch and never lets up. It’s fueled by love, fear, fury and bewilderment. Mixing dance, text, music and video projections, it’s a breakneck production that features choreographer Donald Byrd at his edgiest.” -- The Seattle Times

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Donald Byrd

The New York Times describes Donald Byrd as “a choreographer with multiple personalities… an unabashed eclectic.” Donald is equally at home creating cool, abstract pure dance works such as his 2012 work "Love" as theatrical, narrative-driven pieces like the “carny” "Petrushka" and storefront "Miraculous Mandarin." He's also known for creating lovely valentines to 19th-century classical repertory, including "The Harlem Nutcracker "(1996) and "The Sleeping Beauty Notebook "(2005), as well as imaginative choreographic tributes to jazz legends and composers including "Duke Ellington" (A Different Light, 2000) and "Louis Armstrong" (Burlesque, 2002), among others.