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Two female dancers in a balancing pose

Dynamic Partnering: Dance, Acrobatics & Ensemble

Course dates

July 1 to July 14, 2019

Application deadline


The human body knows no bounds. Work with world-class artists to create inventive, witty, gravity-defying dance performance that flips your world upside down.

  • Study with internationally acclaimed dancers and acrobats known for exciting, genre-bending performance.
  • Develop a critical eye for generating original performance in a collaborative creative framework.
  • Expand your strength, sensitivity, and imagination through dynamic partnering, ensemble improvisation, and acrobatics.
  • Present boundary-crossing original choreography in a student showcase performance as you challenge your artistic expectations and express your authentic voice.

two sets of dancing couples in a pose  


Undergraduate: DANCE 420, 3 units
Graduate/post-baccalaureate: DANCE 620, 3 units




Dancers, choreographers, actors, and athletes. Must have a minimum of one year maintaining a strong athletic practice. Recommended previous courses/experiences: contemporary dance, movement for actors, partner acrobatics, and/or dance improvisation.


  1. Submit a photo and a short essay describing your previous relevant experience and interest in the course.For scholarship consideration: please submit the above AND a link to a short video that displays your dance and/or movement practice. (Can be a performance, compilation/reel, or creative video made for this application).
  2. Submit/upload the materials listed in step one when you apply online by April 29, 2019.


Professor Ezra LeBank

Guest Artists

Taylor Casas & Cynthia Price - @bossyflyer

Lifelong dancers and athletes, Cynthia Price and Taylor Casas discovered partner acrobatics and contact improvisation while studying with Ezra LeBank at CSU Long Beach, and quickly began training together as an acrobatic duo. Five years later, they hold degrees in Theatre Arts from CSULB and Diplomas in Circus Arts from Circomedia in Bristol, UK. They perform and teach acrobatics, movement, and aerial arts throughout southern California. As original members of Bossy Flyer, they have toured acrobatic theatre shows across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, earning acclaim from The New York Times, Huffington Post, Timeout New York, CBC, Winnipeg Free Press, and the San Diego Times. Cynthia and Taylor are passionate about bringing creativity and storytelling to the acrobatics community, incorporating their backgrounds in dance and theatre in their approach to performance, training, and act creation.

Jordan Kriston - @Jordankriston

Jordan Kriston is a professional dancer who has toured the world for seven years with Pilobolus Dance Theater, working as a collaborator to help create over a dozen original works and an evening-length show. Born in Hammond, Indiana and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, she has always loved movement of all kinds, and grew up swimming, climbing trees, playing sports, and participating in gymnastics and dance. Jordan has taught and performed in almost all 50 States and in more than 15 countries. She began teaching workshops on tour through Pilobolus, and has extended independently into teaching partnering, modern movement, and improvisation. Jordan’s movement is dynamic, athletic, theatrical and vulnerable. Jordan believes dance is a form of spiritual expression as well as a bridge to bring people together.

Nile H. Russell - @Milo2kai

Nile H. Russell received a BA in Dance from Connecticut College, where he had the guidance of wonderful teachers including Dan Wagoner, Lan Lan Wang, Robyne Watkin, Eddie Taketa, and Jeremy Nelson. He moved to New York in 2004, where he danced with Silver-Brown Dance, LeeSaar The Company, Luis Lara Malvacias, Stefanie Nelson Dance Group, Naganuma Dance, and co-founded CaN Dance. In 2009, Nile joined Pilobolus Dance Theater as a dancer and later became Dance Captain of the main touring company. Through Pilobolus, he has performed all over the world, taught nationwide and on three continents, and has been lucky to experience a wide range of people and cultures.

Rebecca Bryant - @rebeccagwenbryant

Known for her “wonderful insistence on making art about complex ideas” (, Rebecca Bryant addresses current societal phenomena while blurring the distinctions between artistic disciplines. With a background in visual art, Bryant creates performances that combine both pre-determined and improvised movement with text, video, sound, technology, and objects. Critics have called her work “humorous, subtle, and provocative” (Artscape Media) and “a stunning and witty experience” (Dance Source Houston). Bryant has performed her work in 26 states across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Bryant is co-founder of the Past Modern Performance Duo (dance/percussion/new media) and worked extensively with the Lower Left Performance Collective for 13 years.

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