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Fresno State: Admissons

Admissions Office

Admissions officer:
Malisa Lee,
Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Contacting the office:559 278-2261
559 278-4812 (fax)

First-time Freshman Application Process & Requirements

Is there an application deadline for fall?yes
Priority filing date for fall:November 30
Application Fee:$55
Can the application fee be waived?yes
Are refunds available on the application fee?no
Is the Common Application form accepted?no
Supplemental forms required for those using Common Application:no
Admissions Requirements:Minimum grade of "C" in listed secondary school units required; minimum eligibility index of 2800 for SAT Reasoning (694 for ACT) required of in-state applicants; minimum eligibility index of 3402 for SAT Reasoning (842 for ACT) required of out-of-state applicants. In-state applicants with minimum 3.0 GPA and out-of-state applicants with minimum 3.6 GPA are eligible regardless of test scores.
High school graduation is:required, GED is accepted
A general college preparatory program is:required
Campus visit is:neither required nor recommended
Interview is:recommended
Off-campus interview:can be arranged with admissions representative
Standardized test requirements:SAT or ACT required
School's test preference:no preference
Aside from admissions, test scores are used for:placement
Dates test scores should be received:January 16 for SAT/ACT
High School units required or recommended: English:​4 required, 4 recommended
Foreign Language:2 required, 2 recommended
History:1 required, 1 recommended
Lab:1 required, 1 recommended
Math:3 required, 3 recommended
Science:1 required, 1 recommended
Social Studies:1 required, 1 recommended
Academic Electives:1 required, 1 recommended
Other:1 required, 1 recommended
Total:14 required, 14 recommended
School has formalized early decision program:no
School has early action program:no
School has concurrent enrollment program for high school:no

First-time Freshman Selection Process

Academic Criteria:
  • secondary school very important
  • class rank not considered
  • recommendations not considered
  • standardized test scores very important
  • essay not considered
Nonacademic Criteria:
  • interview not considered
  • extracurricular activities not considered
  • particular talent/ability not considered
  • character/personal qualities not considered
  • alumni/ae relationship not considered
  • geographical residence not considered
  • state residency not considered
  • religious affiliation/commitment not considered
  • minority affiliation not considered
  • volunteer work not considered
  • work experience not considered
Average secondary school GPA:3.33
Percent of freshmen who submitted GPA:100%
Average SAT:445 verbal, 455 math, 440 writing
Average ACT:19 composite
Combined ACT middle 50% range:16 - 21
Test taken by majority of applicants:SAT
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted SAT scores:90%
Percent of accepted applicants who submitted ACT score:39%

Undergraduate Notification for Fall Term

Notification of Admission:on a rolling basis
Acceptance of Admission:no set date

First-time Freshman Enrollment

Number of completed applications received:19,935
Number of applicants offered admission:10,404 (52%)
Number of applicants offered admission who enrolled:3,566 (34%)
School has a waiting list policy:no
Percent of freshmen who came from out of state:1%
Room deposit amount:$150, partially refundable
Admission may be deferred:no