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CSU Fullerton: Student Life

Student Profile

Total undergraduates:14,790 men, 18,354 women, 33,144 total
Full-time undergraduates:11,914 men, 15,191 women, 27,105 total
Part-time undergraduates:2,876 men, 3,163 women, 6,039 total
Total graduate students:2,548 men, 3,256 women, 5,804 total
Full-time graduate students:1,133 men, 1,619 women, 2,752 total
Part-time graduate students:1,415 men, 1,637 women, 3,052 total
Average age of full-time undergraduates:21
U.S. region where majority of students come from:West
Percent of full-time U.S. undergraduates from out of state:1%
First-year student enrollment breakdown:
  • 0.2% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 22.2% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 2.2% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 45.8% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 16.0% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 4.6% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 6.5% Nonresident Alien 
  • 2.4% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown
Degree seeking undergraduate student breakdown:
  • 0.1% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 21.8% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 1.9% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 40.1% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 22.1% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 4.4% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 5.6% Nonresident Alien 
  • 3.7% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown

Campus Environment

Campus size:236 acres
City or town school is located in:Fullerton, CA
Population of city/town:138,981
Locations of branch/satellite campuses:Branch campus in Irvine, CA.
Nearest major city:Los Angeles
Distance of nearest major city:35 miles
Population of nearest major city:3,844,307

Living on Campus

Institution offers housing:yes
Campus housing available to all unmarried students regardless of year:yes
Housing types (% in housing type, if given):
  • sorority housing
  • fraternity housing
  • single-student apartments (100%)
Percent of freshmen who live in school housing:19%
Percent of students who live in school housing:6%
Percent of students who live off campus:94%
Percent of all students who have cars on campus:94%
Student conduct policies:class attendance policies set by individual instructors, hazing prohibited, smoking prohibited
Alcohol is permitted on campus to students of legal age:yes

Study Facilities

Every student is required to lease or own a computer:no
Every student is required to take a computer course:no
Computer equipment is provided in:residence halls, library, computer center/lab(s), student center
Total number of microcomputers available to students:2000
Internet access provided to all students:yes
E-mail services/accounts provided to all students:yes
School has a library on campus:yes
Additional library facilities/collections:Ethnic, government document, and history collections. Chicano Resource Center.
Museums and other special academic buildings/equipment on campus:Art gallery, special academic centers, labs, museum, arboretum.

Assistance Services

Remedial learning services:reading, writing, math, study skills
Additional services offered:nonremedial tutoring, placement service, health service, women's center, day care, health insurance
Counseling services:minority student, military, veteran student, older student, birth control, career, personal, academic, psychological
Career placement services:co-op education, internships, career/job search classes, on-campus job interviews, resumé assistance, alumni services, interview training
Services for students with disabilities:note-taking services, tape recorders, tutors, reader services, interpreters for hearing-impaired, braille services
Amount of campus that is accessible to physically handicapped:100%

Social Activities

Number of social fraternities on campus:14
Number of fraternities that have chapter houses:4
Percent of men who join fraternities:3%
Number of social sororities on campus:13
Number of sororities that have chapter houses:6
Percent of women who join sororities:4%
Student activities:student government, student newspaper, radio station
School newspaper(s):Daily Titan, published four times per week
Number of honor societies:24
Total number of registered organizations:324
Campus-based religious organizations:Bliss and Wisdom International, Campus Crusade for Christ, Campus Outreach, Christian Challenge, Christian Students, Coptic Othodox Christian club, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Hillel, Impact Movement, International Christian Fellowship, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, Muslim Student Association, Newman Club, One By One, Potter's Hands Campus Ministry, Revolution Christian Fellowship, Souled Out, True Vine, University Praise, Vietnamese Catholic Student Association, Walking Bibles, Women's Islamic Network
Minority student organizations:MEChA, Bhangra Team, Sistertalk, Asociacion de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Espanol, Habesha Club, Hermanas Unidas, Hip Hop Congress, Hispanic Scholarship Fund; Filipino American, Sikh, and Thai-American Student Associations
International student organizations:India International club, Inter-Tribal Student Council, Middle Eastern Student Society; Asian Pacific Islander, Cambodian, Indonesian, International, South Pacific Islander Cultural, and Vietnamese Student Associations
Other student organizations, musical groups, activities, and committees:Music, theatre, political, service, and special-interest groups


School has an athletic program:yes
Athletic director:Jim Donovan, Athletic Director
Director of women's athletics:Meredith Basil, SWA
School colors:navy, orange, and white
School mascot:Tuffy
Athletic conference memberships:Big West Conference
Sports offeredScholarships?Athletic Assoc.
Men's baseballyesNCAA Div. I
Men's basketballyesNCAA Div. I
Men's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. I
Men's golfyesNCAA Div. I
Men's socceryesNCAA Div. I
Men's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Women's basketballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. I
Women's golfyesNCAA Div. I
Women's socceryesNCAA Div. I
Women's softballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's tennisyesNCAA Div. I
Women's track and field (indoor)yes
Women's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Women's volleyballyesNCAA Div. I
Percent of students in varsity/club intercollegiate sports:2%
Percent of students in intramural/recreational sports:2%
Athletic facilities:athletic fields, bowling alley, gymnasium, racquetball and tennis courts, student recreation center, running track, weight room
Intramural/Recreational sports:badminton, basketball, bowling, diving, flag football, football, handball, kickball, racquetball, rugby, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, volleyball
Club sports for men:archery, bowling, equestrian sports, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, sailing, salsa dancing, skiing, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, water polo
Club sports for women:archery, bowling, equestrian sports, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, sailing, skiing, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, water polo

Getting Away

Public transportation serves campus:yes
Nearest international airport:Ontario, CA (20 miles)
Nearest other airport:Los Angeles (35 miles)
Nearest passenger train service:Fullerton, CA (3 miles)
Nearest passenger bus service:Anaheim, CA (7 miles)

Paying the Bills

Institutional employment is available:yes
Percent of full-time undergraduates working on campus:1%
Off-campus employment opportunities for undergraduates are:excellent
Freshmen are discouraged from working for first term:no

After Graduation

List of most prominent alumni/ae:
  • Tracy Caldwell Dyson, NASA astronaut and veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and a space walk
  • Richard K. Davis, Chairman, President and CEO of U.S. Bancorp
  • Ed Royce, US Representative (CA-39), chairs Foreign Affairs Committee.