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Humboldt State: Student Life

Student Profile

Total undergraduates:3,645 men, 4,597 women, 8,242 total
Full-time undergraduates:3,377 men, 4,333 women, 7,710 total
Part-time undergraduates:268 men, 264 women, 532 total
Total graduate students:198 men, 350 women, 548 total
Full-time graduate students:135 men, 247 women, 382 total
Part-time graduate students:63 men, 103 women, 166 total
Average age of full-time undergraduates:22
U.S. region where majority of students come from:West
Percent of full-time U.S. undergraduates from out of state:6%
First-year student enrollment breakdown:
  • 0.8% American Indian or Alaska​n Native 
  • 2.7% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 3.4% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 43.9% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 36.7% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 6.9% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 1.3% Nonresident Alien 
  • 4.2% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown
Degree seeking undergraduate student breakdown:
  • 0.9% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 3.2% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 3.5% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 32.9% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 44.5% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 6.6% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 1.5% Nonresident Alien 
  • 6.7% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown

Campus Environment

Campus size:144 acres
City or town school is located in:Arcata, CA
Population of city/tow​n:17,697
Nearest major city:San Francisco
Distance of nearest major city:280 miles
Population of nearest major city:837,442
Online campus​

Living on Campus

Institution offers housing:yes
Campus housing available to all unmarried students regardless of year:yes
Housing types (% in housing type, if given):coed dorms (100%)
Percent of freshmen who live in school housing:86%
Percent of students who live in school housing​:9%
Percent of students who live off campus:91%
Percent of all students who have cars on campus:20%
Student conduct policies:class attendance policies set by individual instructors
Alcohol is permitted on campus to students of legal age:yes

Study Facilities

Every student is required to lease or own a computer:no
Every student is required to take a computer course:no
Computer equipment is provi​ded in:residence halls, library, computer center/lab(s), student center
Total number of microcomputers available to students:​1098
Internet access provided to all students:yes
E-mail services/accounts provided to all students:yes
School has a library on campus:yes
Museums and other special academic buildings/equipment on campus:Art gallery, marine lab, scientific instrument museum, Coral Sea research vessel, observatory, wildlife care facility.

Assistance Services

Remedial learning s​ervices:reading, writing, math, study skills
Additional services offered:nonremedial tutoring, health service, women's center, day care, health insurance
Counseling services:minority student, veteran student, birth control, career, personal, academic, psychological
Career placement services:internships, career/job search classes, on-campus job interviews, resumé assistance, interview training
Services for students with disabilities:note-taking services, tape recorders, tutors, reader services, interpreters for hearing-impaired, special transportation, adaptive equipment, braille services
Amount of campus that is accessible to physically handicapped:mostly

Social Activities

Number of social fraternities on campus:3
Percent of men who join fraternities:1%
Number of social sororities on campus:3
Percent of women who join sororities:2%
Student activities:student government, student newspaper, literary magazine, radio station
School newspaper(s):The Lumberjack, published weekly
Number of honor societies:2
Total number of registered organizations:183
Campus-based religious organizations:Campus Crusades for Christ, Latter-day Saint Student Association, Newman Club, Solid Rock, The Path, RELEVANT, The Vine, religious studies groups
Minority student organizations:American Indian Alliance, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Kaibigan group, MEChA, Multic​ultural Center, Powwow Committee; Asian and Black Student Unions
International student organizations:Global Connections, International Cultural Festival, International Student Union; Hmong and Vietnamese Student Associations
Other student organizations, musical groups, activities, and committees:Concert, jazz, marching, and pep bands; choir, chamber ensembles, musical theatre, film society, orchestra, debating, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Student Alliance, team managers, German club; drama/theatre, dance, academic, departmental, social, and special-interest groups


School has an athletic program:yes
Athletic director:Dan Collen, Athletic Director
Director of women's athl​etics:Joddie Gleason, SWA
Athletic department's mailing address:Athletic Director, Humboldt State University, One Harper Street, Arcata, CA 95521-8299
School colors:green and gold
School mascot:Lumberjacks
Athletic conference memberships:California Collegiate Athletic Association, Great Northwest Athletic Conference

Sports offeredScholarships?Athletic Assoc.
Men's basketballyesNCAA Div. II
Men's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. II
Men's footballyesNCAA Div. II
Men's socceryesNCAA Div. II
Men's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. II
Women's basketballyesNCAA Div. II
Women's crewyesNCAA Div. II
Women's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. II
Women's socceryes​NCAA Div. II
Women's softballyesNCAA Div. II
Women's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. II
Women's volleyballyesNCAA Div. II
Percent of students in varsity/club intercollegiate sports:7%
Athletic facilities​:baseball diamond, basketball court, football field
Intramural/Recreational sports:basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, volleyball
Club sports for men:archery, baseball, crew, cycling, disc, fencing, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball
Club sports for women:archery,cheerleading, cycling, disc, fencing, rugby

Getting Away

Public transportation serves campus:yes
Nearest international airport:San Francisco (280 miles)
Nearest other airport​:McKinleyville, CA (7 miles)
Nearest passenger train service:Redding, CA (150 miles)
Nearest passenger bus service:Arcata, CA

Paying the Bills

Institutional employment is ava​ilable:yes
Percent of full-time undergraduates working on campus:20%
Off-campus employment opportunities for undergraduates are:fair
Freshmen are discouraged from working for first term:no

After Graduation

List of most promine​nt alumni/ae:
  • Wesley Chesbro, California state senator and assemblyman
  • Stephen Hillenburg, creator of 'SpongeBob SquarePants'
  • Paul Lubitz, president, Holly Yashi Jewelry.