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CSU Northridge: Student Life

Student Profile

Total undergraduates:​​18,784 men, 22,764 women, 41,548 total
Full-time undergraduates:​​16,686 men, 20,231 women, 36,917 total
Total graduate students:​​1,868 men, 3,057 women, 4,925 total
Full-time graduate students:​​994 men, 1,595 women, 2,589 total
Part-time graduate students:​​874 men, 1,462 women, 2,336 total
Average age of full-time undergraduates:​​22
U.S. region where majority of students come from:​​West
Percent of full-time U.S. undergraduates from out of state:​​3%
First-year student enrollment breakdown:
  • 0.1% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 10.9% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 5.9% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 54.3% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 13.6% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 3.1% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 9.0% Nonresident Alien 
  • 3.1% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown
Degree seeking undergraduate student breakdown:
  • 0.2% American Indian or Alaskan Native 
  • 11.1% Asian, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 5.6% Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 42.0% Hispanic/Latino 
  • 0.2% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic/Latino
  • 24.2% White, non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 3.3% Two or more races non-Hispanic/Latino 
  • 8.3% Nonresident Alien 
  • 5.1% Race and/or Ethnicity unknown

Campus Environment

Campus size:​​356 acres
City or town school is located in:​​Northridge, CA
Nearest major city:​​Los Angeles
Distance of nearest major city:​​25 miles
Population of nearest major city:​​3,844,307
Online campus map:​​

Living on Campus

Institution offers housing:​​yes
Housing types (% in housing type, if given):
  • sorority housing
  • fraternity housing
  • single-student apartments
  • other housing including Off campus housing.

Study Facilities

Every student is required to lease or own a computer:​​no
Every student is required to take a computer course:​​yes
Computer equipment is provided in:​​residence halls, library, computer center/lab(s), student center
Total number of microcomputers available to students:​​723
Other computer facilities/services:​​Wireless network.
E-mail services/accounts provided to all students:​​yes
School has a library on campus:​​yes

Assistance Services

Additional services offered:health service, women's center, day care
Counseling services:minority student, veteran student, birth control, career, psychological, alcohol/substance abuse and financial aid counseling.
Career placement services:internships, career/job search classes, interest inventory, on-campus job interviews, resumé assistance, alumni services, interview training
Services for students with disabilities:note-taking services, tape recorders, reader services, interpreters for hearing-impaired, adaptive equipment, braille services, application assistance, academic coaching and skills enhancement, job placement services.
Amount of campus that is accessible to physically handicapped:​​90%

Social Activities

Number of social fraternities on campus:​​6
Number of social sororities on campus:​​12
Student activities:student government, student newspaper, radio station
School newspaper(s):​​Daily Sundial
Newspaper homepage:​​
Other student organizations, musical groups, activities, and committees:Marching and pep bands, drum major/majorette, team managers, debating; choral, departmental, service, and special-interest groups


School has an athletic program:​​yes
Athletic director:​​Rick Mazzuto,
Director of Athletics
Director of women's athletics:​​Ashlie Kite
Athletic department's mailing address:​​Director of Athletics,
Richard M. Dull,
California State University, Northridge,
18111 Nordhoff Street
Athletics homepage:
School colors:​​red, black, and white
School mascot:​​Matadors
Sports offeredSc​​​holarships?Athletic Assoc.
Men's baseballyesNCAA Div. I
Men's basketballyesNCAA Div. I
Men's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. I
Men's golfyesNCAA Div. I
Men's socceryesNCAA Div. I
Men's swimmingyesNCAA Div. I
Men's track and field (indoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Men's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Men's volleyballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's basketballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's cross-countryyesNCAA Div. I
Women's golfyesNCAA Div. I
Women's socceryesNCAA Div. I
Women's softballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's swimmingyesNCAA Div. I
Women's tennisyesNCAA Div. I
Women's track and field (indoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Women's track and field (outdoor)yesNCAA Div. I
Women's volleyballyesNCAA Div. I
Women's water poloyesNCAA Div. I
Percent of students in varsity/club intercollegiate sports:​​3%
Percent of students in intramural/recreational sports:​​20%
Athletic facilities:basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; soccer field, track
Intramural/Recreational sports:basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, team handball, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, water polo
Club sports for men:hockey

Getting Away

Public transportation serves campus:​​no
Nearest international airport:​​Los Angeles (27 miles)
Nearest other airport:​​Bob Hope Airport at Burbank, C (17 miles)
Nearest passenger train service:​​Northridge, CA (2 miles)
Nearest passenger bus service:​​Northridge, CA (1 mile)