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Sonoma State: Transfer Students

Transfer Acceptance

Transfer applicants are accepted:yes
Number of transfer applications received:4,908
Number of transfer applicants offered admission:3,836 (78%)
Number of transfer applicants offered admission who enrolled:1,026 (27%)
Percent of all new students who were transfers:34%

Application and Credit Transfer

Terms for which transfers may enroll:fall, spring
Minimum number of credits applicant needs to apply as a transfer student:60
Items required of transfer students to apply for admission:
  • high school transcript recommended of some
  • college transcript(s) required of all
  • essay or personal statement not required
  • interview not required
  • standardized test scores recommended of some
  • statement(s) of good standing from prior institution(s) recommended of all
Minimum high school GPA required for transfer applicants:2.00 using a 4.0 scale
Minimum college GPA required for transfer applicants:2.00 using a 4.0 scale
Priority filing date for transfer applicants:November 30 for fall, August 30 for spring
Closing date for transfer applicants:January 31 for fall
Notification date for transfer applicants:rolling for fall, rolling for spring
Dates transfer applicants must accept offer of admission by:May 1 for fall
Lowest course grade that may be transferred for credit:D-
Maximum number of credits that may be transferred:70 credits from a two-year institution
Minimum number of credits that must be earned at school:30 to receive a bachelor's degree