Dr. Joy Goebel, Ph.D., RN

​CSU Long Beach, Nursing Faculty​​


Dr. Goebel is an accomplished nurse educator and researcher whose interests in palliative care (PC) include studying diverse populations of patients from neonates to the elderly. Two of her studies with palliative care teams were published in 2014 in top-tier palliative care journals. She was the lead author in a multi-center study that developed a Palliative Care-National Clinical Template for use in documenting initial PC consults. The template was tested at five Veterans Health Care Administration facilities and was developed using principles of user-centered informatics design.

The template underwent several iterations in its development as an electronic health record tool to record the complex practices and activities involved in PC consultations. This tool has the potential to improve the quality of care for patients and families facing serious illnesses and to provide data required as part of federal government reporting.

Her second research publication investigated stress and satisfaction among parents whose infants were receiving PC in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The study used a prospective cohort design that involved a control group of NICU infants receiving usual care and a comparison group of NICU infants receiving PC. There were no significant differences in stress score among parents; however, parents whose infants were in PC had significantly higher reports of being “extremely satisfied" with their infant's care.

Dr. Goebel teaches advanced evidence-based research application in the CSU Fullerton, CSU Long Beach, and Cal State LA DNP program.  She enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate nursing students and is a research consultant at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Health Care Administration with the Quality Improvement Resource Center, one of three VA PC centers tasked with improving PC throughout the national VA Healthcare System.