Kathleen Hinoki, Ph.D, RN, CNS

CSU Los Angeles, Nursing Faculty
Faculty, Southern California CSU DNP Consortium

Dr. Hinoki has worked in the many roles that nursing has to offer over the course of her career. Within the field of pediatrics, she has been a bedside nurse, hospital educator, nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, nurse care manager, and nursing faculty.

A love of pediatric cardiology led Dr. Hinoki to a specialization in this area that would last for 18 years. Medically managing children with congenital heart disease led to presentations for the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions, International Kawasaki Disease Symposium, and the Western Society of Pediatric Cardiology. Her most noteworthy publication was as a writing group member for the American Heart Association's scientific statement on "The prevention and treatment of thrombosis in pediatric and congenital heart disease."

Another research interest of Hinoki's is the area of diversity, driven by her own experiences of encountering racial inequities. She obtained her PhD in education from Claremont Graduate University, with a curriculum that focused on diversity issues in higher education. Her dissertation was, "Beating the Odds: The College Experiences of Latino Male STEM Majors." This study found the main factors that promoted academic persistence and success were the desire to make a better life for self and family, the necessity of financial aid, and the support of their STEM major peers.

Dr. Hinoki has served as a DNP team leader for the past 5 years, teaches the two nursing education courses for the second year DNP post-master's students, and is currently the DNP coordinator representing the CSULA campus.​