Manal Alatrash, Ph.D, RN

​CSU Fullerton, Nursing Faculty

Dr. Alatrash has a diverse academic, research, and leadership background with a clinical specialty in adult oncology. She teaches courses in advocacy and healthcare policy, theoretical perspectives in nursing, and informatics in healthcare in the DNP program and serves as a DNP project team leader. She emphasizes engagement, passion for lifelong learning, and ownership to learning.

Dr. Alatrash's research focuses on breast cancer screening (BCS), cancer prevention, health disparities and psychometric properties of research instruments. She has numerous peer-reviewed publications regarding BCS in Arab American women and a book chapter that examined​​ cultural barriers to BSC in Arab women. Her research findings suggest lower BCS rates in Arab American women than other minorities in the US and shed light on screening behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs within cultural, religious/spiritual, and social contexts. Such findings are critical to overcome BCS barriers, reduce healthcare disparities and engage in policy-making. Dr. Alatrash has collaborated with researchers from the Middle East to compare breast cancer and its screenings rates of Lebanese American women and Lebanese women living in Lebanon where breast cancer is a public health priority, affecting Lebanese women aggressively at significantly younger ages.

Dr. Alatrash is the principal investigator of a research project investigating e-cigarette and cigarette smoking in college students and in socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. This project was initiated due to the national vaping crisis and became even more significant during the COVID-19 pandemic with lung health as a high priority.

Dr. Alatrash is a research consultant on the Substance Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT) team evaluating the effectiveness and impact of an SBIRT education and training program on knowledge, attitudes/beliefs, skills and confidence of undergraduate students. She has also collaborated with other researchers to measure psychometric properties of research instruments. Dr. Alatrash has presented her research at national and international conferences and her work on BCS as a keynote speaker at the 34th International Nurse Education & Nurse Specialist Conference in 2017. Dr. Alatrash is a member of the Elsevier International Advisory Panel of Researchers, a peer reviewer for three nursing journals, and chair of the Leadership Succession Committee/Upsilon Beta Chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society.