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Transfer: Next steps

Transfer: Next Steps

You've been admitted to the California State University — congratulations!

Once you've been offered admission as a transfer student, you'll need to let the campus know you've accepted the offer. Visit the registration website for your CSU campus below to learn more:


​​ ​​​​​​

Registration Priorities

Wondering when it's time to register for your first semester of classes?

Check Your Campus

Impacted Majors & Campuses

Some CSU campuses and majors have more applicants than available spaces for students.

Find Impacted Majors & Campuses

Match Your Ma​jor to a Community College or CSU Campus

If you know what you'd like to study, use this database to find campuses that w​​ill help you earn an associate degree, and then a bachelor's.

Match Your Major

Associate Degree for Transfer:
A Degree with a Guarantee

If you earn an associate degree at a California community college and meet the CSU's eligibility requirements, you can transfer to the CSU.

Learn More