Open Enrollment

Every year the CSU reviews the benefit plans offered to retirees and their eligible dependents. We continue to work to provide a benefit that not only meets the long-term institutional obligations of the CSU plans, but also encourages a sustainable option for covered members.

This is the time of year to re-evaluate your existing benefits elections, discover the benefit programs that are best for you and your family, and make changes that best fit your needs. Plan changes will be effective as of January 1, 2019.

The CSU Open Enrollment period is September 10 through October 5, 2018.

Actions You Can Take During Open Enrollment:

  • Enroll in a plan
  • Change from one plan to another
  • Add or delete eligible family members
  • Cancel coverage

If no enrollment changes are made to the dental or vision plans, coverage will remain the same in 2019. Review your health plan to undertand changes for 2019. 


For health or dental eligibility or to enroll, contact CalPERS at 888-225-7377.
For vision plan questions, contact Vision Service Plan (VSP) at 800-400-4569.

Retiree Health

CalPERS is your Health Benefits Officer and administers health insurance coverage for CSU retirees. You may change your health plan online during Open Enrollment by logging onto my|CalPERS and following the instructions.

CalPERS also now offers a new application for mobile devices at which retirees can view and make changes to their health plan:

You may also call CalPERS at 888-225-7377 to make changes. Complete the CalPERS Health Enrollment Retirees (PDF) form before calling.

State Employer Contribution Amounts

The state pays a portion of your health insurance premium. You must pay the difference between the state contribution amount and the premium for the health plan in which you’re enrolled.

Cost Image

The state employer contribution amounts for 2019 are:

Coverage Level
What’s Paid by CSU Monthly
Retiree Only $734
Retiree + One $1,398
Retiree + Two or More $1,788

Find your plan’s monthly premium in one of these documents:
2019 In-State Health Plan Rates (PDF)
2019 Out-Of-State Health Plan Rates (PDF)

Retiree Dental

CalPERS maintains the dental benefit enrollment records for all eligible CSU retirees and processes retirees' dental enrollments.

It is important that you keep your home address current at all times, even if your retirement check is deposited directly into your bank account. This helps ensure you receive timely information about state-sponsored dental benefits that may be mailed to your home address by CSU or CalPERS.

Report address changes to CalPERS by completing the CalPERS Address Change Authorization form and mailing it to the address below (be sure to include your Social Security number and telephone number):

California Public Employees' Retirement System
Member Account Management Division
P.O. Box 942715
Sacramento, CA 94229-2715

The CSU pays 100 percent of the monthly premium cost for dental coverage for all retirees and their eligible dependents, which includes a spouse or registered domestic partner and/or children up to age 26.

New for Delta Dental PPO 2019 Plan:
Diagnostic and Preventive (D&P) Waiver

When you visit a PPO dentist, your diagnostic and preventive services (like cleanings and exams) will not count against your annual maximum.

Example Delta Dental Pays You Pay Your remaining maximum
Without D&P Maximum Waiver ​$300.00 $100.00​ $1,200.00​
With D&P Maximum Waiver ​$300.00 $100.00​ $1,500.00

More information: Diagnostic-Preventive Waiver for Retirees (PDF)

SmileWay Wellness Benefit
The SmileWay Wellness Benefit offers enhanced coverage for retirees who qualify as “higher risk” (meaning those with a diagnosed medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke).

Expanded coverage includes one periodontal scaling and root planning procedure per quadrant of the mouth, per calendar year, covered at 100 percent. To use this benefit, retirees must opt in by calling Delta Dental at 800-626-3108.

More information: SmileWay Wellness Benefits for Retirees (PDF)

Retiree Vision

The CSU and Vision Service Plan (VSP) offer you a choice of two vision plans: Basic or Premier. The VSP Premier plan offers a higher level of benefits for lenses, contacts and frames.

Use the 2019 VSP Retiree Benefit Summary (PDF) to determine which plan best suits your vision needs.

Monthly Vision Costs
The cost is deducted directly from your state retirement warrant. If you don’t have enough in your warrant to cover the cost, you will be billed directly by VSP.

  Basic Plan​ Premier Plan​
Retiree Only​
$5.26​ ​$15.68
​Retiree + One ​$9.76 $29.43​
Retiree + Family​ $10.47​ $31.59​

There are three ways to enroll:

  • Complete the online enrollment form on the VSP website.
  • Call VSP at 800-400-4569 and speak to a representative.
  • Complete and mail the VSP enrollment form that will be sent to your home address.