2005 April



Appointments Overview

Deleted references to 0100 class code using the SPAR.

CSU Personnel/Payroll Documents

Deleted references to 0100 class code using the SPAR.

Employee Action Request

Deleted references to 0100 class code using the SPAR.

Enhanced Industrial Disability Leave

Removed duplicate policy information that is available on the HR administration site.

Industrial Disability Leave/Temporary Disability

Updated links.

Item 310 - Salary Per

Added clarification for use of coding value 'O'.

Item 311 - Salary Step

Eliminated outdated audit instruction.

Item 335 - Alternate Salary Range

Corrected typo.

Item 365 - Special Pay/Base Rate/Amount Due

Added exception instructions to audit instruction for employees with several assignments in the same class in the same pay period. Also clarified example of completion of last day physically worked.

Item 405 - Time Base

Added information for graduate assistants per HR 2005-03.

Item 416 - Expiration Date Of Appointment

Added audit instruction for employee hired on A52 appointment.

Item 430 - Probationary Period Code/Ending Date

Revised audit instructions to clarify the effective date for academic employees, and the probation code for employees with additional positions and temporary assignments.

Item 505 - Retirement System Account Codes

Added note that UC DC Plan was discontinued per HR 2005-15.

Item 505 - Non-CalPERS Account Codes

CBID name change for Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU).  Removed reference to UC DC Plan per HR 2005-15.

Item 505 - Classes Excluded From CalPERS Retirement Coverage

Added class code 1868 to list of excluded student assistants.  Chart name was clarified with the addition of text to the title "Pursuant To GC 20300."

Items 515, 520, 525, 530 – Retirement System Information

Removed chart that displayed state share percentage and added a link to the SCO Payroll Procedures Manual for current information.

Item 565 - Injury/Illness Code

Corrected the injury/illness code for audit instruction #2 and added reference/link to Special Instructions.

Item 606 - Time To Be Paid (New)

Clarified coding instruction for completing time when Salary Per is D - only if Transaction A54.

Item 607- Time To Be Paid (Old)

Clarified audit instructions for academic year employee with mid-month changes.

Item 958 - Final Salary Anniversary Date/SSI Counter

Added statement that completion of this item is required for all R03 appointments.

Item 962 - HR Letter Authorization

Clarified audit instructions.

Professional License Table

Added reference to HR 2005-04.

Student Employment

Added information for graduate assistants per HR 2005-03.

Transaction Overview

Changes to sequence order of processing instructions.

Transaction 505 - Retirement System Member Status

Removed reference to UC DC Plan per HR 2005-15.

Transaction A50  (all)

Instructions for completing Item 958 were added to coding matrix and removed from audit instructions. Also, added instruction to not post any appointment transaction to Student Assistant (A98) records.

Transaction A52 (all)

Miscellaneous changes for general information and audit instructions.

Transaction A54 (all)

Added reference to Extension assignments, along with miscellaneous changes.   

Transaction A58 - Mandatory Reinstatement

Item 615 was removed from coding matrix - no longer allowed for completion - per Technical Letter #HR/EHDB 2005-01.  

Transaction A98 - Student Assistant

Added new item under 'General Information', regarding prior use of A98 for class 0100.

Transaction S42 - Leave of Absence Without Pay

Revised definition of use, general information and audit instructions for involuntary leave per SCO Payroll Letter # 05-003.  

Transaction S44 - Military Leave

Revised audit instruction for employees that separate while on LWOP.

Transaction S45 - Parental/Family Care and Medical Leave

Eliminated Item 645.  This item is not allowed on this transaction.

Transaction S71 - Disability Retirement

Added processing instructions for employees who retire after an involuntary leave.  

Transaction SCR - Salary Rate Change

CBID name change for Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU).

Transactions Reports To CalPERS

Corrected typo.



Last Updated: April 1, 2005