Kathleen Chavira

Kathleen Chavira has been involved in government and public policy since 1992, having served on both the California Assembly and the Senate as personal staff to legislators and as staff to Senate fiscal and policy committees. In 1998, her interest in higher education policy led to a position in governmental relations with the California Postsecondary Education Commission. From 2002-2016, she served as a principal consultant and staff director to the Senate Education Committee of the California Legislature, conducting and managing the review and analyses of K-12 and higher education legislation. In this role, Chavira participated in leadership and budget deliberations, as well as a variety of task force and advisory group activities related to the implementation of higher education budget and policy initiatives. 

Chavira currently serves as an assistant vice chancellor for the California State University, where she leads the Office of Advocacy and State Relations, managing a legislative advocacy team focused on the CSU system's budget and policy priorities in Sacramento.

Kathleen earned a bachelor's degree in human biology at Stanford University and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles.