Title 5 Statement of Reasons

The following are changes proposed to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

April 7, 2017​

S​​tatement of Reasons for Amendment of ​
Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 40500

Pursuant to Coded Memorandum AA-2005-21 Facilitating Graduation and board resolution REP 05-05-04 Achieving the Baccalaureate Degree, an amendment is proposed to Title 5 section 40500. The change would maintain the required 12 upper-division major units in Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees, while the 40 units of upper-division required overall for BA degrees would be decided by each campus. The proposed amendment would make BA requirements consistent with the Bachelor of Science (BS) requirements specified in section 40501, which does not stipulate an overall upper-division unit requirement. While BA and BS degrees are most similar in structure and variability of disciplines, there is also no overall upper-division requirement for these CSU degrees: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Music. Additionally there are no upper-division major requirements specified for the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees.

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