Title 5 Statement of Reasons

Statement of Reasons for Amendment of
Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections
40050.2, 40100.1, 40513, 40514 and 41021

With the passage Assembly Bill 422, California State University: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program (Arambula) in 2017, California Education Code Sections 89280 and 89281 eliminated four features of the 2010 legislation that temporarily authorized the CSU to award Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees:

  1. Temporary pilot status, which was to expire on July 1, 2018;
  2. The limitation to only three campuses operating DNP programs;
  3. The restriction to admitting only applicants with earned master’s degrees in nursing; and
  4. The legislative reporting requirement for DNP programs.

This item proposes the following Title 5 changes to bring administrative law into alignment with California Education Code regarding CSU DNP programs.

  1. Amend DNP degree-granting authority in section 40050.2 to remove reference to pilot authority for three programs;
  2. Update Education Code sections specified in the “Reference” citations in section 40100.1;
  3. Amend section 40513 to expand the scope of CSU DNP programs to include post-baccalaureate pathways, and update the Education Code sections specified in the “Authority” and “Reference” citations;
  4. Update Education Code sections specified in the “Authority” and “Reference” citations in section 40514; and
  5. Amend section 41021 to allow the admission of post-baccalaureate DNP applicants who hold nursing bachelor’s degrees.

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