Title 5 Statement of Reasons

The following are changes proposed to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

February 1, 2019

Statement of Reasons for Amendment of
Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Article 4.2 Sections 42930, 42931, 42932, 42933

Article 4.2 of Subchapter 7, Chapter 1, Division 5 which addresses the catastrophic leave donation program is revised to update Section 42930 to include catastrophic leave for natural disasters/states of emergency, update Section 42931 to include the definition of catastrophic leave for natural disasters/states of emergency, update the participation and eligibility requirements as defined in Section 42932, and update the donation criteria as defined in Section 42933. This revision is proposed to expand the current Catastrophic Leave Donation Program to include Catastrophic Leave for a Natural Disaster/State of Emergency declared by the Governor. This benefit would be available to an employee who faces financial hardship because the employee has exhausted all accrued personal holiday credits and compensating time off, and has a balance of forty (40) hours or less in each accrued vacation credits and sick leave credits, and is unable to work due to the effect of a natural disaster on the employee's principal residence. Additionally, Article 4.2 is also revised to include that the president of each campus, subject to the approval of the Chancellor, has the authority to make exceptions to the prescribed policy for the purpose of responding to other catastrophic occurrences of comparable impact, and/or to expand the benefits of the prescribed policy when compelling and unusual circumstances exist.

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