Remarks by Dr. Timothy P. White April 4, 2018

Remarks by Timothy P. White
Chancellor, California State University
Fund The Dream Rally
April 4, 2018

Thank you.

California’s State University welcomes students from all walks of life – not just the red carpets of privilege and opportunity – students who are willing and able to do the work to earn degrees, certificates and credentials.

This is an especially poignant point today, the 50th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, as we recognize that public higher education is a civil right and an essential element to live the California Dream, one of hope, aspiration and prosperity fueled by education.

Our students, and those academically qualified who are turned away because of insufficient capacity at Cal State, deserve authentic access to our excellent learning environment fueled by remarkable faculty and staff.

Today I join with the CFA – just as CFA’s Jen Eagan joined with me in advocacy here a few weeks ago – because when it comes to serving our students and California’s future we are one together.

Together we inform all that the Cal State University deserves sufficient resources to educate eligible Californians, to properly compensate all employees, and to continue our trajectory of improvement in student achievement and success...thereby fueling CA’s economy and society in the years and decades ahead.

I join the chorus of voices calling on our elected allies in Sacramento – whose districts are full of CSU students, employees and alumni – to place our budget request at the top of their priorities during budget negotiations.

This is personal and professional to me. The CSU lifted and launched me as a kid... we can’t allow in these flush economic times to artificially ration education.