Cal Maritime Safety and Security Center Grand Opening

Remarks by Dr. Timothy P. White
Chancellor, California State University
Cal Maritime Safety and Security Center Grand Opening
Richmond, CA
April 8, 2015

Thank you Rear Admiral and President Cropper for the invitation and for your hospitality…

Thank you to the students, faculty and staff of Cal Maritime, as well as Kory Judd from Chevron; Captain Lynn Korwatch from the Marine Exchange - and a member of the CSU Class of 3 Million; Battalion Chief Marcus Rayon from the Richmond Fire Department; and Captain Greg Stump and Vice Admiral Charles D. Michel from the United States Coast Guard.

It’s truly an honor to participate today in the grand opening of this fantastic new training facility and partnership between Chevron and Cal Maritime.

I’ve noticed that Cal Maritime has been in the news quite a lot lately, and for good reason… our Keelhaulers winning the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup last month – handily beating the U.S. Naval Academy and Coast Guard, I might add.

I had offered my sailing skills to the team before last month’s race, but apparently the Catalina 37 was full…

And just as it led the pack at last month’s regatta, Cal Maritime continues to lead the way when it comes to innovation and academic excellence… ensuring that its students have the necessary tools for a lifetime of learning and a successful career.

The Maritime Safety and Security Center is not only at the forefront for training first responders and maritime security personnel… it’s also a prime example of what can get accomplished when the right set of partners come together – public and private – to find solutions to common problems.

I’m very proud that the CSU and Cal Maritime is at the forefront of this movement towards public-private partnerships in education.

As the needs of business and industry in California and the nation continue to intertwine with the need for additional training opportunities for our students and communities, it makes sense for the CSU to embrace partners like Chevron.

Chevron’s continued support for the CSU, including grants for STEM education, membership in the Linked Learning Alliance and its generous assistance in developing this center, is something that I truly appreciate…

It’s clear to me that Chevron is committed to the future of California and to our students… Kory, thank you again for Chevron’s continued support of the mission of the CSU.

Being the only one of its kind in the nation, this center stands as a model for the CSU and other colleges and universities on what can get done when business and academic communities work together towards a common goal.

This world class center will help first responders from California and around the globe come together and receive critical training to secure our transportation and trade infrastructure… and hence our security.

This partnership and new facility will not only benefit Cal Maritime and Chevron, but the region, state and nation as well – a great example of the CSU working for California and the public good.

Thank you again and congratulations.