CSU Impact Day Welcome

Remarks by Dr. Timothy P. White
Chancellor, California State University
CSU Impact Day Welcome
Sacramento, CA
March 3, 2015

Thank you, Karen.

And thank you as well to the National Federation of Independent Business. The California State University and the NFIB have long been partners in advocating for small business, for public higher education and for California’s future prosperity.

Those three things – small business, education and California’s prosperity – all go hand-in-hand.

I can prove that statement with two numbers that I am sure many of you know well:

  • Small businesses comprise more than 80 percent of all private sector jobs in California
  • And the CSU educates more than half of California business and professional services graduates

The CSU powers small business, and small business powers California. It’s that simple. And our grads stay put, fueling civic engagement and the regional welfare.

In fact, I want to acknowledge the many CSU alumni who are here today.

Thank you for being CSU ambassadors – for carrying the CSU legacy into your community and businesses.

You may not know this, but you are part of the Class of 3 Million. The Class of 3 Million is a celebration culminating during spring commencement of this year.

This celebration recognizes the system reaching a milestone of three million living alumni who are making their mark in the world. Alumni like you.

The 3 million California State University alumni constitute one in 20 U.S. degree holders… and one in ten employees in California.

Just consider the power that that one in ten employees represents in the economic, social and civic life of California… and of the nation.

From business administration to hospitality management… and from arts and entertainment to biotechnology… the CSU is empowering human potential by adhering to a simple – yet profoundly important – mission:

To empower success through educational opportunity matched with quality.

So, how do we harness the power of the CSU to engineer California’s future? Through our community – and that community includes you:

  • As a mentor for students… and by creating opportunities for applied learning through internships
  • As a partner and adviser in regional collaborations with educational segments
  • And as our advocate and our ambassador with your colleagues in the business community and with political leaders

By taking part in today’s legislative visits, you are harnessing the power of the CSU – and the strength of our 3 million alumni – to work for the good of small business and for the good of California.

Thank you for your time and for all that you do as a member of the great California State University community.