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AC Martin Partners, Inc.Los Angeles51+30M-60M
Achitechture Nexus, IncSacramento22-5060M+
ACI Architectural Concepts IncSan Diego1-5<5M
AE3 Partners, Inc. San Francisco22-5030M-60M
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.Los Angeles 51+30M-60M
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.San Francisco51+30M-60M
Aedis ArchitectsSan Jose22-5010M-30M
AEPC Group, LLCSanta Ana6-10<5M
Aetypic, Inc.San Francisco6-10<10M
Aetypic, Inc.Long Beach1-5<10M
Anderson Brulé ArchitectsSan Jose22-5010M-30M
API ConsultantsCosta Mesa1-5<5M
API Consultants: Los Angeles, Ca1-5<5M
Architects Mosher DrewSan Diego11-2110M-30M
Architectural Nexus, Inc.Sacramento22-5060M+
Architecture for Education, Inc.Pasadena6-1030M-60M
Architetural Resources GroupSan Francisco51+10M-30M
ARG San Francisco22-50<10M
Arquitectonica International Corporation dba H3 PartnersLos Angeles22-5060M+
ATI Architect + EngineersCosta Mesa11-2110M-30M
ATI Architect + EngineersPleasanton22-5010M-30M
ATI Architect + EngineersRoseville6-1010M-30M
AVRP SkyportSan Diego22-5010M-30M
AXIA Architects Santa Rosa 11-21<10M
BAM Architecture StudioLos Angeles6-10<10M
BAR ArchitectsSan Francisco51+30M-60M
BASE Architecture, Planning & Engineering, Inc.Los Angeles11-2110M-30M
BCA ArchitectsSan Jose22-5010M-30M
Berliner ArchitectsCulver City11-2110M-30M
Black O’Dowd and Associates, Inc. DBA BOA Architecture Long Beach 1-5<5M
Blackbird Architects, Inc.Santa Barbara11-21<5M
Blackburn Architects, Inc.San Francisco11-21<10M
BNIM ArchitectsSan Diego11-2130M-60M
BNIM ArchitectsCulver City1-530M-60M
BNIM ArchitectsSan Diego1-530M-60M
BOA Government ServicesTorrance6-10
Bohlin Cywinski JacksonSan Francisco22-5030M-60M
Brick Architecture & InteriorsEmeryville6-1010M-30M
Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc. San Francisco6-10<10M
Bunton, Clifford & Associates, Inc. (dba: BCA Architects)Sacramento11-2110M-30M
Bunton, Clifford & Associates, Inc. (dba: BCA Architects)San Jose11-2110M-30M
C A Lentini DesignSan Rafael1-5<10M
CallisonRTKL Inc.Los Angeles51+30M-60M
Cannon DesignSan Francisco11-2130M-60M
CannonDesignLos Angeles51+<10M
Carde Ten ArchitectsCulver City6-10<10M
Carrier Johnson + CULTURESan DIego51+30M-60M
CAW Architects, Inc.Palo Alto22-5010M-30M
Chan Young ArchitectsFullerton1-5<10M
Choate Parking Consultants, Inc.Irvine11-2110M-30M
Clerkin & Clerkin ArchitectsPasadena1-5<5M
CO ArchitectsLos Angeles51+10M-30M
Coact Designworks   (formerly known as Stafford King Wiese Architects)Sacramento22-5010M-30M
Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.Palo Alto22-5010M-30M
Communitas Architects, Inc.Paso Robles1-530M-60M
CPCArchitects IncCarlsbad1-5<10M
Crawford Architects, LLCSan Diego1-560M+
Crawford Architects, LLCSan Francisco1-560M+
Crawford Architects, LLCSanta Monica1-560M+
CSDA Design GroupSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
CSDA Design GroupMarina Del Rey11-2110M-30M
Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.Culver City51+60M+
Darden Architects, Inc.Fresno51+30M-60M
Davy Architecture, Inc. San Diego22-50
DBA West Edge ArchitectsMarina Del Rey6-10<10M
DelawieSan Diego51+10M-30M
DeLorenzo International Inc.San Diego6-10<5M
Devin Birch ArchitectSan Diego 1-5<5M
DGA planning | architecture | interiorsSan Diego22-50<10M
DGA planning | architecture | interiorsMountain View51+<10M
DGA planning | architecture | interiorsSan Francisco11-21<10M
DGA planning | architecture | interiorsSacramento11-21<10M
DIALOG Design LPSan Francisco1-530M-60M
DLR Group inc. (a California Corporation)Los Angeles51+10M-30M
DLR Group inc. (a California Corporation)Riverside11-2110M-30M
DLR Group inc. (a California Corporation)Sacramento22-5010M-30M
DLR Group inc. (a California Corporation)San Francisco22-5010M-30M
domusstudio architecture, LLPSan Diego11-21<10M
Dougherty ArchitectsCosta Mesa22-5010M-30M
Dreyfuss + Blackford ArchitectureSacramento22-5010M-30M
dsk architectsLos Angeles6-10<10M
dsk architectsSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
DVB architectureCameron Park1-5<5M
Dyson Janzen Architects, Inc.Fresno6-1010M-30M
ED2 InternationalSan Francisco6-1010M-30M
EHDDSan Francisco22-5060M+
ELS Architecture and Urban DesignBerkeley22-5030M-60M
EnvironeticsLos Angeles11-21<10M
Ferguson Pape Baldwin ArchitectsSan Diego22-5010M-30M
Fernau & Hartman Architects, Inc.Berkeley1-5<5M
Field Paoli ArchitectsSan Francisco22-50<10M
Firma Design GroupSanta Rosa11-21<10M
Flad ArchitectsSan Francisco22-5030M-60M
Flewelling & MoodyLos Angeles22-5010M-30M
Fong & Chan ArchitectsSan Francisco22-5010M-30M
Frank R. Webb Architects, Inc.Los Angeles11-21<5M
Frederick Fisher and PartnersSanta Monica22-5010M-30M
Gelfand Partners ArchitectsSan Francisco22-5010M-30M
GenslerSan Diego51+30M-60M
GenslerSan Francisco51+30M-60M
GenslerLos Angeles51+10M-30M
gkkworksIrvine 51+10M-30M
Gould Evans San Francisco 22-5010M-30M
Group 4 Architecture, Research & Planning, Inc.San Francisco11-21<5M
Habitec Architecture & Interior DesignSan Jose11-21
Hamilton + Aitken ArchitectsSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
Harley Ellis DevereauxLos Angeles51+60M+
Harley Ellis DevereauxSan Diego11-21<10M
Harley Ellis DevereauxSan Francisco51+30M-60M
Hastings+Chivetta Architects Irvine1-530M-60M
Hawkins\BrownLos Angeles1-530M-60M
HDR Architecture, Inc.San Frncisco51+
Heller Manus ArchitectsSan Francisco22-5060M+
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc.San Francisco51+30M-60M
HGA Architects and EngineersSan Francisco22-5030M-60M
HGA Architects and EngineersSanta Monica22-5010M-30M
HGA Architects and EngineersSacramento51+30M-60M
Hibser Yamauchi Architect, Inc.Playa Del Rey11-21<10M
Hibser Yamauchi Architect, Inc.Davis11-21<10M
Hibser Yamauchi Architect, Inc.Oakland11-21<10M
HKS Architects, Inc.Los Angeles51+30M-60M
HKS Architects, Inc.San Francisco22-5030M-60M
HKS Architects, Inc.San Diego11-2130M-60M
HMC ArchitectsOntario51+60M+
HMC ArchitectsSacramento51+30M-60M
HMR Architects, Inc.Sacramento11-21<10M
Holt ArchitectureRancho Mirage6-1010M-30M
Hornberger+Worstell, Inc.San Francisco22-5030M-60M
HPI ArchitectureSan Diego6-1030M-60M
HPI ArchitectureNewport Beach22-5030M-60M
IBI Group Irvine11-2110M-30M
IBI Group Los Angeles22-5010M-30M
IBI Group San Diego11-21<10M
IBI Group Architecture PlanningSan Jose11-2110M-30M
IBI Group Architecture PlanningSan Luis Obispo6-10<10M
IBI Group Architecture PlanningBakersfield1-5<10M
IDS Group, Inc.Irvine51+10M-30M
Indigo | Hammond & Playle, LLPDavis6-10<10M
Intergrated Designs by SOMAM Inc.Fresno11-2110M-30M
International Parking Design, IncEncino11-2110M-30M
J.C Chang & Associates, Inc.Torrance11-21<5M
Jacobs Engineering Group, IncIrvine51+<10M
James Gwise Architect, P.C.Berkeley1-5<5M
James Heimler, Architect, Inc.Tarzana11-21<10M
JCJ ArchitectureSan Diego11-2130M-60M
Jefferey M Kalban & Associates Architecture, Inc.Los Angeles6-10<10M
JHW Architects, Inc.Monterey1-5<5M
John Friedman Alice Kimm ArchitectsLos Angeles11-2110M-30M
John Kaliski ArchitectsLos Angeles11-21<10M
John Sergio Fisher & Associates, Inc.Tarzana11-2110M-30M
Johnson FainLos Angeles51+10M-30M
Jon Lundstrom Architects, Inc. dba Lundstrom & Associates ArchitectsIrvine11-21<10M
Joseph Wong Design Associates, Inc.San Diego22-5010M-30M
K2A Architecture + InteriorsSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
Kalban Architects, Inc. (Formerly  Jeffrey M. Kalban & Associates Architecture, Inc.)Sherman Oaks6-10<10M
Kardent DesignLong Beach 22-50<10M
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, IncLong Beach 6-10<5M
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, Inc.Long Beach11-21<10M
KMD ArchitectsSan Francisco51+30M-60M
Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects, Inc.Santa Barbara11-21<10M
KSA Group ArchitectsBakersfield6-10<5M
La Canada Design Group, Inc.Pasadena11-21<5M
LA Design Group, Inc. (LADG)Pomona6-10<10M
LCA Architects, Inc.Wanut Creek22-5010M-30M
LDA Partners, IncStockton11-21<10M
Leddy Maytum Stacy ArchitectsSan Francisco22-5010M-30M
Lemanski & Rockwell Architects, IncSan Francisco1-510M-30M
Leo A DalyLos Angeles22-5010M-30M
Lewis|Schoeplein architectsLos Angeles6-10<10M
LionakisNewport Beach11-2160M+
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc (Little)Newport Beach51+10M-30M
LPA, Inc.San Diego51+30M-60M
LPA, Inc.San Jose51+30M-60M
LPA, Inc.Irvine51+30M-60M
LPA, Inc.Sacramento51+30M-60M
LPAS Architecture + DesignSacramento51+10M-30M
Lundstrom & AssociatesIrvine11-21<10M
M.W. Steele Group, Inc.San Diego11-2110M-30M
Make ArchitectureLos Angeles6-10<5M
Mark Cavagnero AssociatesSan Francisco51+10M-30M
MFDB Architects, Inc.Sacramento6-10<10M
MGPA Architecture, Inc.Carlsbad1-5<10M
Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc.Los Angeles22-5030M-60M
Miller Architectural CorporationRedlands6-10<5M
Mogavero ArchitectsSacramento22-5010M-30M
Moody NolanColumbus51+10M-30M
Mork Ulnes ArhcitectsSan Francisco6-10<5M
Morphosis ArchitectsCulver City51+30M-60M
Morris Architects, Inc.Los Angeles11-2110M-30M
murakami / Nelson Architectural CorporationOakland6-10<10M
MYNG, Inc.Santa Monica6-10<10M
NAC ArchitectureLos Angeles22-5010M-30M
Nacht & LewisSacramento11-21
Nacht & Lewis Architects, Inc.Sacramento22-50<10M
NBBJSan Francisco11-2130M-60M
Neu Campus Planning San Francisco1-5<5M
Noll & Tam ArchitectsBerkeley22-5010M-30M
NORR Associates Inc.Sacramento22-50<5M
Oculus Architects, Inc.San Francisco6-10<10M
Omni Design Group, Inc.                   San Luis Obispo11-21<5M
Ordiz-Melby Architects, Inc.Bakersfield22-50<10M
Pacific Cornerstone Architects, Inc.San Diego11-21<10M
Page & Turnbull, INCSan Francisco22-50<10M
Page & Turnbull, IncLos Angeles22-50<10M
Page Southerland Page, d.b.a. PageSan Francisco11-2160M+
Page/BMS Design GroupSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
Paul Halajian ArchitectsClovis6-10<10M
PBK Ontario22-5060M+
PBK Sacramento22-5060M+
PBWS Architects, LLPPasadena22-5010M-30M
Perkins EastmanLos Angeles22-5010M-30M
PERKINS+WILLLos Angeles51+30M-60M
Pfau Long ArchitectureSan Francisco22-5030M-60M
Pfeiffer Partner ArchitectsLos Angeles22-5010M-30M
PGAL, Inc.Los Angeles11-2110M-30M
Platt/Whitelaw Architects, Inc.San Diego11-2110M-30M
PMSM ArchitectsSan Luis Obispo22-5010M-30M
QDG Inc. Los Angeles22-5030M-60M
Quattrocchi Kwok ArchitectsSanta Rosa51+30M-60M
R2A ArchitectureCosta Mesa6-1010M-30M
RBB Arcitects Inc.Los Angeles51+30M-60M
Rea & Luker Architects, IncSan Luis Obispo1-5<5M
Research Facilities DesignSan Diego22-5010M-30M
RIM Architects, Inc.San Francisco11-21<10M
Rios Clementi Hale StudiosLos Angeles51+30M-60M
RJC Architects Inc.San Diego22-5030M-60M
RMW Architecture & InteriorsSan Jose11-2110M-30M
RMW Architecture & InteriorsSan Francisco11-2110M-30M
Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIASan Diego11-2130M-60M
Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.Ventura22-5010M-30M
Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects, Inc.San Diego22-5010M-30M
Royston Hanamoto Alley & AbeyMill Valley22-5010M-30M
Ruhnau Clarke ArchitectsRiverside51+10M-30M
Russell, Gallaway Associates, IncChico11-21<10M
S.I.M. Architects, Inc.Fresno11-21<10M
Safdie Rabines ArchitectsSan Diego22-5030M-60M
Salas O’BrienSan Jose51+<10M
SC Architect, Inc.Bakersfield11-21<5M
SGH ArchitectsRedlands11-21<10M
SGPA Architecture and PlanningSan Diego22-5010M-30M
Siegel & Strain ArchitectsEmeryville11-21<10M
Sillman Wright ArchitectsSan Diego22-5010M-30M
Sink Combs DethlefsLos Angeles1-5<10M
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLPSan Francisco51+30M-60M
SL Environetics Group Incorporated dba ENVLos Angeles6-10<10M
SmithGroupJJRSan Francisco51+30M-60M
SmithGroupJJRLos Angeles51+30M-60M
Solomon Cordwell BuenzSan Francisco51+30M-60M
StantecSan Diego51+60M+
StantecSan Francisco51+60M+
Steinberg HartLos Angeles22-5030M-60M
Steinberg HartSan Diego22-5030M-60M
Steinberg HartSan Francisco6-1030M-60M
Steinberg HartSan Jose22-5030M-60M
Stenfors Associates Architects IncLos Angeles11-2110M-30M
Stephen Dalton ArchitectsSolana Beach11-21<5M
STRATA APSonoma6-10<10M
Studio E ArchitectsSan Diego11-2110M-30M
Studio One ElevenLong Beach51+60M+
STUDIOS ArchitectureSan Francisco51+30M-60M
Suarez-Kuehne ArcchitcetureSan Francisco1-510M-30M
Sugimura Finney ArchitectsCampbell22-5010M-30M
SVA Architects, Inc.Oakland6-1030M-60M
SVA Architects, Inc.Santa Ana22-5030M-60M
Taylor DesignSan Francisco11-21<5M
Taylor DesignSan Diego6-1010M-30M
Taylor DesignIrvine51+60M+
tBP/ArchitectureNewport Beach22-5010M-30M
tBP/ArchitectureWalnut Creek
TECTONICS Architects / Planners / Engineers Emeryville11-21<10M
TECTONICS Architects / Planners / Engineers San Diego 11-21<10M
TEF DesignSan Francisco22-5010M-30M
TETER, LLPFresno51+<10M
The HR Group ArchitectsSacramento11-2160M+
The KPA GroupPleasanton11-2110M-30M
The Miller Hull Partnership, LLPSan Diego11-2110M-30M
The Paul Davis Partnership, LLPMonterey6-10<5M
The Taylor Group Architects of California, Inc.Clovis1-510M-30M
TLCD ArchitectureSanta Rosa22-5010M-30M
Torti Gallas + Partners, Inc Los Angeles6-1030M-60M
TR Design Group, Inc.Riverside11-2110M-30M
TSK Inc.Los Angeles6-1010M-30M
Tucker Sadler Architects, Inc.San Diego22-5030M-60M
TWM Architects + PlanningSan Rafael6-10
Valerio Dewalt TrainPalo Alto11-2130M-60M
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