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Educational Tracks

"Building Collaborative Communities," the conference theme, heralds an era of partnership and belief in the untapped potential of individuals working toward a common goal whilst navigating challenges and charting innovation. The following educational tracks are the framework for learning the steps toward building collaborative communities. You may follow your chosen professional path – or perhaps you will venture into an area where you have less knowledge and more questions. Step inside, wonder aloud, and be creative.

  • Design & Construction

    Design and Construction envisions and builds the campus’ physical structure. Because this effort leaves a long lasting imprint, it must help lead the way toward creating a broadly considered and sustainable environment. This track will explore transformational strategies on how to get from here to there; how places and spaces can inspire student success; how existing buildings can be repurposed to meet new expectations; how amazingly efficient buildings may be realized; and how continuous improvement in our project delivery methods can help us realize an even greater sustainable future.

  • Energy & Sustainability

    In this track, we will explore the emergent and often intersecting domains of energy and sustainability. Attendees will gain perspective of the big picture issues such as state and federal policies and outside funding sources that can include public-private partnerships. The sessions will advance the campus journey towards sustainability goals by making sense of energy data in energy information systems and effectively communicating sustainability to divergent stakeholders to contribute to student success in a changing policy, regulatory, economic, and environmental climate.

  • Facilities Operations

    This track brings together Facilities Management leaders from across the CSU system and beyond to share their knowledge and expertise. Together, we will focus on challenges and solutions within today’s campus facility operations. We will explore various leadership and management trends; offer discussions topics based on today’s best practices unique to managing educational facilities; share best practices from campuses that demonstrate advanced techniques in managing today’s facilities challenges. These sessions are sure to be educationally rich in content focused on campus based solutions.

  • Interdisciplinary

    Teaching and research are moving away from traditional disciplines into more integrated approaches that bring different areas of expertise together to teach, learn, and solve problems. The most exciting innovations are not happening inside the disciplines but rather between them. As managers of the facilities that support these endeavors, we can learn from our customers and adopt interdisciplinary strategies to solve our operational challenges. Sessions in this track tackle subjects that cross operational areas and benefit from broad campus participation. It is hoped these sessions will bring together diverse facilities professionals and university administrators—caretakers of our university—to learn from each other so we can create innovative solutions to our campus challenges.

  • Planning

    Building a sustainable future begins at home and the planning track demonstrates the many ways that campuses have become the cradle of sustainable practices applied to land use, campus facilities, transportation, and conservation. Attendees will have a firsthand opportunity to explore current campus master plans from the fundamental environmental and legal challenges to the successful solutions that illustrate best practices and lessons learned. Planning track sessions will present real property partnerships that can support a sustainable educational future; examine the effects that new facilities have on the greenhouse gas impacts of campus commuters; discuss how flexible lab designs enable campuses to program durable facilities to meet both present and future needs; and, showcase sustainable landscape practices that demonstrate responsible stewardship on the quintessential campus quad.