Educational Tracks

"Building Collaborative Communities," the conference theme, heralds an era of partnership and belief in the untapped potential of individuals working toward a common goal whilst navigating challenges and charting innovation. The following educational tracks are the framework for learning the steps toward building collaborative communities. You may follow your chosen professional path – or perhaps you will venture into an area where you have less knowledge and more questions. Step inside, wonder aloud, and be creative.



The CSU plays a critical role in providing a quality education that prepares students to become leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workforce and drive California’s economy while navigating challenges. To support our education programs, campus planning efforts provide a framework to guide the development of the universities as well as play a critical role in the implementation of capital facilities. The Planning track focuses upon the challenges of working with local communities on campus master plans, dealing with new criteria in addressing transportation, utilizing existing space efficiently, balancing the costs and constraints of renovating existing structures versus constructing new facilities, and looking toward external partners to augment the capital program. All of these elements play a key role in charting an innovative capital program that successfully meets the needs of each campus’ educational mission.

Design & Construction

This track will focus on navigating the challenges of Design and Construction while charting the way to the innovations that are the next logical steps toward improving our project delivery models. We will be exploring new waters with technology solutions to make our project delivery more efficient, and charting courses in design to make our buildings more sustainable, energy efficient, and of higher quality. In an effort to make sure we don’t pay too much for this trip, we will be discussing methods to put some teeth into the GMP. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Energy & Sustainability

This track will explore opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to make tangible progress toward greenhouse gas emissions reductions on campuses. Sessions will share insights on topics ranging from transportation and energy to cutting edge green building techniques, as well as information about financial opportunities available for funding sustainability related projects aimed at GHG reductions. Participants will also gain a better understanding of how sustainability can improve the lives of students and increase graduation rates.

Facilities Operations

Staying on top of advancements in your profession is critical to both navigating challenges and charting innovations. In this track you will benefit from sessions addressing the needs and responsibilities of every facilities professional with exposure to relevant inspiring presenters providing opportunities to learn, connect and advance. Find out what is on the horizon and take away proven strategies for enhanced facility management. Learn techniques and methodologies that you can put into practice immediately for direct results. These sessions are designed to be educationally rich in content while focused on collaborative campus-based solutions.


With the focus on interdisciplinary research and education, shouldn’t university staff and administration practice this as well? Sessions in this track will look at topics that cross boundaries between departments and explore ways to more effectively integrate administrative organizations to support our academic mission.