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Cheryl Cran
The Future of Work is Now – Are You Ready?”
Bill Treasurer
Courageous Leadership – Putting Courage to Work

Cheryl Cran — The Future of Work is Now – Are You Ready?


Cheryl Cran
Keynote Speaker
Monday, October 29, 8:30 AM

"The Future of Work is Now — Are You Ready?"

The future of work is changing rapidly. Every industry is being disrupted by technology, mergers, demographic changes and much more. In facilities management we have many influences affecting our future, including the future of education, redefining the use of space and partnering with the private sector. In this keynote by future-of-work expert Cheryl Cran, you will not only be inspired, you will gain creative ideas on how to collaborate more effectively and innovate at the speed of change. Takeaways from this keynote include:

  • Research on the future of work and the factors affecting the fast pace of change, including Millennials and Gen Z 
  • Ideas on how to innovate now to be future-ready. This includes real-time creativity that we each can do in our daily work to drive innovation 
  • How to be stakeholders in each other’s success so that the entire facilities segment flourishes and becomes more successful
  • How to be leaders willing to drive the changes needed to create the exciting future for facilities management 
  • Models on how to think with a ‘me to we’ shared leadership attitude to increase teamwork and synergy across business units 
  • Inspiration and energy to apply what you have learned immediately in your work for increased success

Prepare to interact with Cheryl. She will invite you to text her questions, answer polling questions and to ‘tap to speak’ on your mobile device to comment during the keynote.

Cheryl Cran is a future of work expert and founder of NextMapping, a future of work consultancy specializing in helping leaders, teams and businesses to be future-ready now. The common theme of her life’s work is a "people first and digital second" approach to create a more human future, helping companies build the leadership capacity needed to change the world through business. Her work has been featured in Huff Post, Forbes, Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Metro New York and more. Her clients include AT&T, Duke University Singapore, UBC, Simon Fraser University and others. She has been named No. 1 Future of Work Influencer, ranks in the Top Ten Future of Work Influencers and is rated as one of North America’s top keynote speakers.

Bill Treasurer — Courageous Leadership – Putting Courage to Work


Bill Treasurer
Keynote Speaker
Tuesday, October 30, 2:00 PM

"Courageous Leadership — Putting Courage to Work" 

Churchill said, "Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others."

The world needs more courageous leaders, and courage is a virtue that takes different shapes in the workplace. Courageous leaders take bold steps: They nudge staff into uncomfortable challenges and they make strategic decisions that are not necessarily popular. And they delegate work — exhibiting both trust and courage.

Through his insights on courage and risk-taking, Bill will discuss the need for stronger leadership skills, improved team performance and more career backbone, recognizing that comfort and growth do not coexist.

Primary takeaways from Bill's presentation include tips to understand and practice three forms of courage at work: courage to try a new action, courage to trust and be vulnerable, and courage to be assertive. Bill's inspiring delivery is a great balance of informal style matched with subject matter expertise.

Bill is the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of Giant Leap Consulting, Inc., a courage-building company. He is the author of international best-seller “Courage Goes to Work,” which introduced the new management practice of courage building, and “Leaders Open Doors,” which became the No. 1 leadership training book on Amazon. All royalties from “Leaders Open Doors” are donated to programs that support kids with special needs.

Bill has designed leadership and succession programs for emerging and experienced leaders for NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, UBS Bank, Walsh Construction, Spanx, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and many others. Bill holds a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin and a bachelor's from West Virginia University where he attended school on a full athletic scholarship. In addition to being an author and business owner, Bill is a former U.S. High Diving Team captain, a cancer survivor and the father of three children.