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Planning. Building a sustainable future begins at home and the planning track demonstrates the many ways that campuses have become the cradle of sustainable practices applied to land use, campus facilities, transportation, and conservation. Attendees will have a firsthand opportunity to explore current campus master plans from the fundamental environmental and legal challenges to the successful solutions that illustrate best practices and lessons learned. Planning track sessions will present real property partnerships that can support a sustainable educational future; examine the effects that new facilities have on the greenhouse gas impacts of campus commuters; discuss how flexible lab designs enable campuses to program durable facilities to meet both present and future needs; and, showcase sustainable landscape practices that demonstrate responsible stewardship on the quintessential campus quad.

Campus Master Planning: Essential Knowledge for Starting the Process
Monday, October 17, 10:40 AM- 12:00 PM

Many campuses are underway or about to embark on the development of a comprehensive master plan update. Recent changes in CEQA guidelines, on- and off-site mitigation measures, and greenhouse gas reporting bring additional complexity to the master planning process. CSU campus and Chancellor’s Office administrators will advise on successful strategies to organize the planning process to address these changes. This session will provide relevant knowledge and essential guidance for all campus personnel embarking on the master planning process.

Andrea Gunn Eaton, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Counsel,
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Steven Lohr, Chief of Land Use Planning and Environmental Review,
CSU Office of the Chancellor

Larry Piper, Chief of Facilities Planning, CSU Office of the Chancellor

Tinnah Medina, Director, Capital Project Management, CSU Fullerton

Campus Master Planning: Lessons Learned on the Way to the Finish Line
Monday, October 17, 1:30 PM- 2:50 PM

This session will delve into new phenomena which have become evident from several recent master planning efforts from within the CSU system and beyond. The panel will address lessons learned in mastering campus challenges including limited funding, changes in social structure and technology, adaptations to changing pedagogy, outreach and participation, and the transition to a 24/7 campus community with student demands for more classrooms, housing, dining and recreation facilities.

Linda C. Dalton, Professor Emerita, City and Regional Planning, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Roberta Jorgensen, President, Communitas Architects, Inc.
Richard Thompson, Principal for Urban Design and Planning, Assembledge+


Eric Chan, Associate University Planner, CSU Office of the Chancellor

How Green is my Campus – Redefining Sustainable Landscape Design
Tuesday, October 18, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

This session will examine the evolving vision of campus landscape as a strategic opportunity to enliven, differentiate, and drive a reengineered campus master plan design and palette. The new environmental aesthetic goes far beyond replacing turf lawns and exotic plantings in an effort to establish drought tolerant solutions that define what is unique and iconic about the campus landscape vernacular and climate zone adaptation. Panelists will discuss the effect of landscape design on establishing a sense of place in both public and private spaces while accommodating flexible recreation and event areas, Cal Green and SWPP conformance. Topics will cover the historical role of landscaping in attracting students, stimulating the staff and visitor vision of the campus, boosting retention, and supporting alumni allegiance.

Maureen Kerner, Research Engineer, Office of Water Programs, CSU Sacramento
David McCullough, Principal, McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Victor Takahashi, Director, Planning, Design and Construction, CSU Sacramento


Laura Shinn, Director, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction,
San Diego State University

New Frontiers in Flexible Lab Design
Tuesday, October 18, 9:10 AM - 10:10 AM

This session will provide a broad view of how lab design is evolving and responding to serve both the curriculum and research needs of the campus. The program will feature a panel comprised of professional lab consultants and senior academic research administrators. The focus will be on a variety of flexible lab designs that enable campuses to program durable yet affordable facilities to meet present and future needs.

Diane S. Stephens, Associate Vice President, Academic Resources and Planning, CSU Northridge
Sean Towne, Principal, Research Facilities Design
Stephen C. Welter, Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Affairs,
San Diego State University


Victor Takahashi, Director, Planning, Design and Construction, CSU Sacramento

Real Property Partnerships: Tools for Financial Analysis
Tuesday, October 18, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Real property partnership projects provide an opportunity for CSU universities to work with the private sector to develop facilities in support of their campus’ educational mission. Campuses are increasingly turning to partnerships as an alternative financing and delivery method for the implementation of facilities which may not be achievable under current funding. This session will provide tools to assist campuses in understanding financial analyses of partnerships and key financial information essential to effective negotiations with a private partner.

James Rabe, Senior Principal, Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.


Francis Freire, Director, Real Estate Development, CSU Office of the Chancellor