Feedback on​​​​ ASCSU​ Resolution on Implementation of a Systemwide Ethnic Studies Requirement

Welcome to the feedback page for AS-3397-19/AA Towards Implementation of a Systemwide Ethnic Studies Requirement.  On this page you will find context for the resolution, a link to it and a link to campus senate and CSU Council on Ethnic Studies responses to it. 

The resolution is the first step in fulfilling the ASCSU promise made during our advocacy against AB 1460 (Weber) to take up the Ethnic Studies Task Force Report recommendation for a systemwide ethnic studies graduation requirement.  That promise was made in response to legislative pressure to take up the issue, intense legislative support for some version of such a requirement and as a strategy to stave off legislative intrusion into the curriculum.   AB 1460 did not make it out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, but it was designated a "two year bill" which means that the author has an opportunity to bring the bill back in January to try and get it through the legislature a second time.  All the evidence points to that happening if we fail to respond, so our window of opportunity to act is this fall semester. 

AS-3397-19/AA asks campus senates and the CSU Council on Ethnic Studies for guidance that the ASCSU can use in drafting a systemwide ethnic studies requirement to recommend to the Chancellor's Office.  In particular, we ask campus senates and the Council for input into what the parameters of such a systemwide requirement might be, including learning outcomes (in the context of the Ethnic Studies Task Force Report), the nature of the requirement (GE, GE upper/lower division, GE overlay, stand alone, met in major, etc), whether campus specific additions should be allowed, best practices for course review/approval to meet the requirement and implementation date.

The full resolution is available here.  It passed without dissent.  We have asked for feedback from our colleagues by November 1, 2019 so our Academic Affairs Committee can use it to draft a requirement for a first reading resolution at our November Plenary.  Our intent is that the first reading resolution be taken back to campuses for review, with a second reading and final vote at our January Plenary.    

We know there is keen interest in this issue.  For the sake of as much transparency as possible we created this page so that campus senate and Council on Ethnic Studies responses to AS-3397-19/AA can reach a wide audience.  Responses are posted in a public dropbox here with “read only" access.  Each response has its own folder.  Check back frequently to stay on top of new posts.  ​​​