CSU Faculty, Fall 2015

CSU Faculty, Fall 2015

Faculty members at the CSU are established, highly regarded leaders in their fields. The knowledge they impart in the classroom is vital to helping our students learn, persist in their studies and attain their degree.

Since 2006, the total faculty at the California State University has increased by 9.3 percent, and tenure-track hires have grown each of the last two years. Today, at more than 25,000 in total, faculty comprise the largest portion of CSU employees—and their numbers continue to rise. And in recent years, the faculty has become increasingly diverse in both gender and ethnicity.

Most important, the university enjoys a partnership with faculty that allows professors to focus on sharing their rich knowledge and expertise with students. The CSU has recently proven its commitment to partnering with the California Faculty Association union, taking an important step toward ensuring faculty are appropriately compensated for the vital work they do. This spirit of cooperation bodes well for future negotiations with our talented, dedicated faculty, raising the odds that all parties will continue to collaborate to achieve our shared goals. The CSU faculty themselves exemplify the possibilities within every student to succeed and achieve at every level throughout society.

Gender and Ethnicity

These tables represent information on the gender and ethnicity of CSU full-time faculty in fall 2015, as well as five years earlier. In fall 2015, over 31 percent of full-time CSU faculty were ethnic minorities, and over 45 percent were female. In fall 2010, over 29 percent of full-time faculty were ethnic minorities, and over 43 percent were female.

Tenure Status

These tables provide information on the rank and tenure status of full-time faculty. Eighty-nine percent of tenure-track faculty hold doctorates. While the overall diversity of the faculty has increased over the past five years, the number of African-American faculty has declined.

New Faculty

In recent years, dedicated efforts by the CSU to invest in the future of our students have led to an increase in the number of faculty hires. Significantly, 463 female professors and 327 professors of color were added to the tenure track as of fall 2015, out of a total of 849 new tenure-track faculty members. This helps to ensure that a diverse group of professors will continue to lead instruction at the CSU for years to come.

More information on new faculty hired by the CSU is available in an annual report on the Faculty Recruitment Survey. This report contains detailed information on faculty recruitment, faculty demographics and salary offers to new faculty.

These new faculty members join a storied tradition of empowerment, stewardship and investment in CSU students as they mature into the education leaders of tomorrow in California and beyond.

Promotions & Tenure

The following tables present data on the number of full-time faculty unit employees who were promoted to a higher academic rank effective fall 2014 and fall 2015 and the number of faculty who earned tenure effective fall 2015. These data include promotions and awards of tenure to instructional faculty as well as non-instructional members of the faculty bargaining unit (librarians and counselor faculty).


The tables below present information on tenured/tenure track and full-time temporary faculty who separated from CSU employment in 2014-2015 and in the prior year. In 2014-2015, 58 percent of the separations were retirements.