Dr. Christine Miller, professor of communication studies, was doubly honored for her expertise recently when she received Sacramento State’s John C. Livingston Faculty Lecture honor, as well as a statewide award from CSU students.

Dr. Miller presented her faculty lecture on “Higher Education Innovation Meets the Mash-up” on campus in February, followed by a reception in her honor.

Her lecture explored the ways in which recent innovations in higher education resemble pop culture “mash-ups” in four domains: philosophical, structural, legislative and pedagogical. She suggested ways in which higher education innovators in each domain can embrace pop culture and create unique mash-ups to meet their goals.

Dr. Miller has been a faculty member in the Department of Communication Studies for three decades. During this time, she has been a central figure in the life of the university through her teaching, scholarship and commitment to the principles of shared governance.

The California State Student Association’s Faculty Member of the Year award honored Dr. Miller for innovation. “I’m truly honored and humbled to receive this award,” she said. “CSSA represents the nearly 475,000 students in the CSU, and the fact that this recognition comes from the students marks it as the pinnacle of my career.”

Professor Miller has over 60 academic papers and presentations to her credit and has served as an editor for four different academic journals. Her specialties are in argumentation and rhetoric, with an emphasis on visual communication.

Dr. Miller teaches courses in visual communication, argumentation, rhetorical criticism, communication theory, and the role of communication in social change. She brings a wealth of teaching experience to the classroom, having also taught at the Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pittsburgh, Stanford and UC Davis. She represents Sacramento State on the statewide California State University Academic Senate, has been chair of its Academic Affairs Committee and currently serves as its vice chair. She is also a past Outstanding University Service Award recipient.