​​​Cal Poly Pomona students are living out the “Learn by Doing” philosophy through undergraduate research and transforming ideas into reality at the Student Innovation Idea Lab (iLab). Under the supervision and mentorship of professors, students are collaborating to create various projects on environmental preservation.

The battery-powered scooter, designed by Cal Poly Pomona students, is tailored to meet the needs of commuters who travel using urban transit, bus or car but must walk another mile before reaching their destination. Unlike the traditional electrical scooter, this product is uniquely designed to take up substantially less surface area when folded and weighs about 15 pounds, compared to the traditional range of 21 to 46 pounds. The scooter saves time for commuters and money compared to automobile transportation, as well as protects the environment by eliminating carbon emissions, fuel and congestion.

The LonoDrop project on water conservation is another way students are preserving the environment. Shaped in the form of a water droplet, the LonoDrop is a motion sensor hung on showerheads that triggers LED lights to turn on while users are showering. The sensor changes color to indicate how long users have been showering to encourage shorter showers of up to five minutes, compared to the average 11.5 minutes users spend. The project aims to spread awareness of habits that can easily be changed to save water and to help users track their daily water usage.

Students are also developing a more environmentally friendly process for coating active pharmaceutical ingredient powders that reduces overall cost of production. By using a dry-coating process, they avoid releasing harsh chemicals into the atmosphere from evaporation that occurs during a wet process.