CSU Staffing, Fall 2018

CSU Staff, Fall 2019

The information in this report, drawn on data from fall 2019 analytics for CSU employees not only illustrates the growth of the workforce over the years but also underscores the university's continuing commitment to hiring well-qualified, diverse faculty and staff - one of its top priorities.

The CSU employs more than 50,000 faculty and staff statewide. The tables on the following pages present information on the numbers of faculty and staff employed in various occupational categories, as well as the numbers employed at each campus.

Employees by Occupational Groups​ and Campus

Employees by Gender and Race/Ethni​​city

Widely recognized for its inclusive policies and outreach, the CSU is home to an incredibly diverse student body across all its campuses. Likewise, the university employs faculty and staff of every race, ethnicity, gender, age and background. The average age of all CSU employees (including full time and part time) is 47.7 years, and 43.2 percent of all employees are over 50 years old.

Minorities make up 43 percent of all employees and 47 percent of full-time employees. A continued increase in the hiring of female professors has created a rich talent pool of full-time faculty that is now more than 49.3 percent female. In fact, 73 percent of all employees at the CSU are either women or minorities.

The university seeks to invest in talented people across the entire spectrum of backgrounds and experiences; in doing so, we can increase the range of perspectives available to students in the classroom. Increasing diversity at the CSU serves to expand the horizons of our students, support their academic success and better prepare them to be part of a global workforce.​

Age Distribution of CS​U Employees