Anthony Mendes, Ph.D.

Distinguished Teaching Award
San Luis Obispo

I am constantly amazed by our outstanding students and I can only hope to inspire them as much as they have inspired me.

Anthony Mendes is a Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he has been since 2004.  Using a variety of classroom techniques, the teaches a wide array of courses ranging from freshman precalculus to graduate level discrete mathematics.  He has worked individually with 50 students on their senior projects. 

Professor Mendes has written numerous research articles and an advanced textbook on combinatorics (the mathematics of how to combine or arrange things), but he is most proud of his work with students.  His passion for teaching stems from a belief that education is an incredible tool in building a more equitable society.

Professor Mendes has been studying mathematics his entire life, but just like everyone else, feels there is so much more to learn.