Daphne Liu, Ph.D.

President's Distinguished Professor Award, 2018-19
Los Angeles
Department of Mathematics

“There is transcendence in lighting up another’s world with beautiful concepts. I want students to breathe to the tempo of mathematics—let its colors seep into everything and carry forth with passion anything they dream.” 

Daphne Liu is a highly regarded researcher in graph theory. Her research involves both theory and applications, with a main focus on topics in graph coloring, including their interplay with number theory and topology as well as their applications to broadcast communications.

A recipient of three prestigious National Science Foundation research grants, Liu has authored or co-authored nearly 50 research papers, some of which appeared in the most prestigious journals in her research field. In addition, she has given numerous presentations as well as plenary and featured talks worldwide. She is a co-investigator for the NASA Data Intensive Research and Education Center for STEM at Cal State LA. 

Liu is recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award presented by the Mathematical Association of America Southern California and Nevada Section.