Heather Castillo, M.F.A.

President's Award for Innovations in Teaching and Learning, 2018-19
Channel Islands
Department of Performing Arts

“We are all dancers and we all have a beautiful individual vocabulary,”

​Heather Castillo, Dance Professor believes we all dance every day, all day, when we walk, use our hands to talk, or use our thumbs to text. She loves to help students discover themselves through movement, whether they plan to pursue a professional dance career or simply want to test their talent. Castillo teaches dance at CI, is involved in an innovative dance research projects, and is the force behind the popular “Arts Under the Stars,” which is held each spring. Arts Under the Stars is a campus-integrated event where students, staff, and faculty can bring their research and creative ideas and they can be brought to life through a collaborative multimedia experience. She inspires her students and colleagues every day.