Howard Lum, M.S.

Outstanding Lecturer Award, 2018-19
Los Angeles
Department of Civil Engineering

“My teaching has connected practice with education to nourish a new generation of engineers. Our graduates apply their knowledge to improve infrastructure reliability for a sustainable society. Their success to create a better future is my ultimate reward

A licensed civil engineer and structural engineer, Howard Lum integrates his teaching with practical applications by partnering with agencies, such as Los Angeles County, L.A. Metro and Caltrans, on senior design capstone projects. He has received multi-year teaching awards in “Connecting Practice with Education” from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, and he is a Chi Epsilon Honor Faculty.

Lum’s current research has focused on earthquake response and rehabilitation of critical lifelines. He has authored papers and presented in technical conferences on his field of expertise.

Lum is the design unit manager for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, where he has helped design hydraulic structures, hydro-power pumping plants, tunnels, pipelines and highway bridges.