Jason Nice, Ph.D.

Outstanding Teacher Award, 2018-19
Department of History

My History students don’t simply memorize facts: they learn to distinguish interpretations of the past, and creatively synthesize what they learn in order to achieve deeper understanding and empathy.

​Dr. Jason Nice teaches World History Since 1400, Historical Methods and Methodology, and upper-division courses in Early Modern European History. In addition to covering required content, Dr. Nice teaches his students critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills. He believes that finding and communicating information in an age of mass misinformation are essential transferable skills in the twenty-first century. Dr. Nice, himself a first-generation college student, helps students translate these skills into their own classrooms, and teaches students how to communicate these skills to prospective employers. Dr. Nice has experimented with a number of different approaches in online, hybrid, and traditional modes of instruction, and has generated comparative data in search of the best possible learning experience.