Jussi Eloranta, Ph.D.

Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award, 2018-19
Department of Chemistry & BioChemistry

Research offers great possibilities for learning chemistry through experimentation and discovery.

​Dr. Jussi Eloranta joined CSUN department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2006 after completing graduate and post-doctoral work in Finland and at UC Irvine. His research interests include low temperature chemistry and physics in superfluid helium, electron paramagnetic resonance studies of organic radicals, decomposition reactions of peroxides, and matrix isolation spectroscopy. Dr. Eloranta’s group has recently provided the first evidence for the existence of a special kind of non-linear excitation (soliton) in superfluid helium near the absolute zero temperature. The research was performed together with master’s student David Levy (physics) and undergraduate student Jessica Pimentel (chemistry). The work was published in Physical Review Letters (Volume 120, page 035302) and supported by NSF grant DMR-1205734. CSUN acknowledges Dr. Eloranta's work with the 2018 Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award.