Nana Lawson Bush, Ph.D.

Outstanding Professor Award, 2018-19
Los Angeles
Division of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education

“I am an African educator. I have not haphazardly stumbled upon my profession; rather, teaching is in my bloodline, it is my calling, my purpose, and my ministry.” 

​Nana Lawson Bush, V is recognized as a leading expert on the relationship between Black mothers and their sons, the development of Independent Black Institutions in the U.S., and the theorization of Black boys and men. His research has become the framework and guide for families, programs, and organizations across the nation.

Bush has published four books, including The Plan: A Guide for Women Raising African American Boys from Conception to College, and 31 academic articles. Most notably, he published a research paper, along with his brother, Edward C. Bush, which was the first comprehensive theory concerning Black boys and men called African American Male Theory.

He was formerly director of the Cal State LA-UC Irvine Joint Doctoral Program in Urban Educational Leadership.