Sarah Senk, Ph.D.

Outstanding Teacher Award, 2017-18
Maritime Academy
Department of Culture & Communication

"One of my primary goals in the classroom is to show students that it is more important to cultivate habits of the mind than to understand something on first pass."

​Dr. Senk teaches a variety of general education courses in critical thinking, writing, literature, and culture. Her research and teaching interests include 20th and 21st-century Anglophone writing, trauma theory, speculative fiction and film, and commemorative practices after 9/11. She reaches out to students of all abilities and personalities by illustrating how any disciplinary-specific thought isn't something natural, something that only "a literature person" is good at, but something that is learned through practice and care. By blending pop culture with literary and cultural theory, she aspires to teach students the importance of critically “reading” the world around them.