Frank Yip, Ph.D.

Outstanding Scholar Award, 2015-16
Maritime Academy
Department of Sciences & Mathematics

I try to cultivate a curiosity and scientific inquiry to be applied well beyond the curriculum.  Teaching in the CSU allows me to get to know my students and feel invested in their intellectual development.   Their growth and success in my classes and bey

​​Dr. Yip is a chemical physicist investigating the fundamental consequences of electron correlation.  The goal of his research is to better understand how electrons communicate at the most fundamental level by simulating laser light to remove them and probe their correlated dynamics as exactly as possible by applying theoretical and computational formulations to problems like photoionization of several electrons from a single atom or molecule.  In 2015, Dr. Yip received Cal Maritime's first-ever research award from the National Science Foundation, and began working with highly motivated undergraduates on novel research in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics.  Dr. Yip has published several journal articles and given invited talks in AMO physics, and remains actively involved through his collaborations at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.​​