Aimee Glocke, Ph.D.

Extraordinary Service Award
Africana Studies

I teach my students to be agents of social change; if they do not go out and make the world a better place, I failed as an instructor.”

Standing on the shoulders of the ancestors and elders who came before her, Dr. Aimee Glocke believes that we have a duty to honor the path they carved out for us to follow. It is then up to us to take the discipline, the department, and the community forward to new and innovative heights.

Incorporating her professional dance experience into her research, service, and teaching, Glocke was one of the first scholars to co-edit a Special Edition on African/Black Dance in a Black Studies journal. She also lends her dance expertise to the Department of Kinesiology by dancing, performing, and mentoring young dancers. Receiving the Extraordinary Service Award highlights Aimee’s interdisciplinary work and mentorship both inside and outside the classroom.