Alicia Becton, Ph.D.

Promising New Faculty Award, 2017
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation

Learning is transformational; it’s not limited to an activity that happens in the classroom. Instead, it’s an expression of the way a person diversifies living through values and purpose of life.

Inspire, motivate, captivate! These characteristics are at the core of Dr. Becton’s foundational values. She is a conscientious advocate for marginalized groups and cultural competency. Dr. Becton is praised for her engaging tactics, her welcoming but thought-provoking teaching style, and her commitment to student achievements. She pursues a holistic teaching style whereby she incorporates creative pedagogy to empower students of diverse backgrounds. Besides serving on local and national committees, undertaking pro bono work with community agencies and managing grants totaling over 2.5 million dollars, her focus remains on student success. As a North Carolina native, Dr. Becton credits the influence of family and mentors to her success as Promising New Faculty.