Amalie Orme, Ph.D.

Distinguished Teaching, Counseling or Librarianship Award
Geography and Environmental Studies

Empowering students with the skills to learn how to learn is essential for understanding and resolving the challenges of our natural environment today and for the future.

Nearly 29 years into my teaching profession, one of my graduate students came to me in a flurry of excitement, asking me to run (not walk) to our Geography lab where he revealed a project that would revolutionize my teaching. Collecting aerial images with a drone, he had solved a fundamental problem of integrating images and data for mapping landscape change. Emerging from these efforts was my commitment to build a critical bridge for undergraduate and graduate students to work together with the goal of “learning how to learn” while utilizing drone mapping to advance knowledge of surface processes on Earth.

I am honored to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award and excited to continue mentoring students who are tackling challenges in the environmental sciences using scientific reasoning and contemporary technology.