Anna Jacobsen, Ph.D.

Faculty Scholarship and Creative Activity Award, 2018-19
Department of Biology

Studying the structure of plants, their function, and how they interact with their environment enables us to better understand and appreciate our world.

Dr. Jacobsen’s core research focuses on plant vascular structure and function.  This is an integrative and interdisciplinary field requiring her to be an expert in microscopy, plant anatomy, evolution, and plant physiology.  She has used a comparative community approach to test long standing questions in plant evolution and ecology, with a focus on California native plants.  Dr. Jacobsen has also studied key crop plants like grapevine and olive, examining their vascular function in the context of irrigation, productivity, and pathogens.

Dr. Jacobsen has developed and maintained a highly active and successful research program.  She has produced many peer-reviewed publications, been funded by outside agencies, and provided numerous opportunities for student involvement in and exposure to scientific research. She is the recipient of the Faculty Scholarship and Creativity Award 2018-2019.