Bonnie Bade, Ph.D.

President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching Innovation & Excellence, 2017
San Marcos

I seek to provide students with meaningful learning experiences by directly involving them with the people and interests of local communities

Medical anthropologist. Professor. Ethnobotanist. Community Advocate. Bade’s research focuses on the health of migrant farmworkers in California and the generation of indigenous medical alternatives to meet health care needs. 

Bade’s anthropology courses involve collaborative research involving community partners at all levels of the research process.

Dr. Bade’s collaborative anthropology has produced CSUSM’s Community Ethnobotany Garden, a living laboratory that includes Oaxacan indigenous medical plants and a fruit orchard generated through collaborations local community organizations. 

Dr. Bade provides international learning opportunities for students in the Andes and in the Caribbean through collaborative partnerships with indigenous communities.