Brian Belet
Brian Belet, Ph.D.

President's Scholar Award
San José

There’s no global right or wrong. That is what art is about.

Brian Belet, professor of music and coordinator of music systems and theory, received SJSU’s President’s Scholar Award, which is awarded to faculty members who have achieved widespread recognition based on the quality of scholarship, performance or creative activities. Belet’s compositions of acoustic and electro-acoustic media have been performed in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia, and are recorded on Centaur, Capstone, IMG Media, Frog Peak Music and University of Illinois labels. His research has been published in Contemporary Music Review, Journal SEAMUS, Organized Sound, Perspectives of New Music and Proceedings of the International Computer Music. Belet performs viola, bass and the sound design language kyma with the ensemble SoundProof.