C.E. Tapie Rohm, Ph.D.

Outstanding Professor Award, 2010
San Bernardino
Information and Decision Sciences


C.E. Tapie Rohm Jr. has taught at Cal State San Bernardino for more than 30 years and is a founding faculty member of the information and decision sciences department.

Rohm was selected because of “his excellent teaching and extensive curriculum development, his superb record of professional accomplishments, and his extraordinary record of service activities.”

Wrote one student, “Not only does the professor teach the subject material, he inspires us with his insight and his valued world experience, which will give us all a better perspective of the job market, job climate and world situation.”

Rohm has taught 31 undergraduate courses and 16 different graduate courses and created 18 undergraduate courses and seven graduate courses. He pioneered electronic technology in the classroom and acquired a grant to build a predecessor to the current electronic classrooms on campus.