Courtney Otto, M.A.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Lecturer, 2017-18
Department of Biological Sciences

What keeps me in the classroom is my belief that well-executed college courses can change the way a person views the world and themselves.

In 12 years working for the University, Courtney Otto has developed a reputation as someone who can instill passion while navigating the complex study of botany. Her enthusiasm, high standards, and teaching effectiveness are apparent in everything she does. Students leave her classes excited about botany and seeing the world of plants in a new way. 

Otto is a professional field botanist and has worked for the Cultural Resources Facility, which monitors rare plants throughout California. This real-world experience helps Otto deliver a state-of-the-art course to students and strengthens her ability to advise students on the best ways to achieve their career goals.

Her experience and passion for teaching earned her the Excellence in Teaching Award (Lecturer) for 2017-18.​