Cynthia Crawford
Cynthia Crawford, Ph.D.

Golden Apple Award, 2014
San Bernardino
Social Work

I got into science because I like to learn new things. Teaching and mentoring students enhances this learning process and makes it more fun.  I cannot imagine a better job.

Professor Cynthia Crawford, who joined Cal State San Bernardino’s Department of Psychology in 1996, was praised by her colleagues and students for her teaching, but also for how she includes her students in her research. Student authors appear on Crawford’s publications more than 100 times.

She is an authority in the use of animal models to study addiction and has published more than 45 papers in prestigious journals, such as “Neuroscience,” “Behavioral Brain Research,” “Developmental Neuroscience,” and “Behavioral Neuroscience.”

Crawford, who was named CSUSB’s 2013-14 Outstanding Professor, has amassed an impressive record of being awarded grants from the National Institutes of Health, many of which support her students. The NIH funding includes research programs focusing on diversity drug abuse.