David Blumenkrantz, M.F.A.

Exceptional Creative Accomplishment Award, 2018-19
Department of Journalism

I’m grateful for the award. It’s an acknowledgement of what I hope is a respectful representation of the people who have given me their trust and time for this project.

Department of Journalism Prof. David Blumenkrantz’s “One of Us” documentary project on homelessness in Los Angeles was designed to humanize those affected by the crisis. It includes a series of formal portraits of more than 40 homeless individuals, accompanied by their statements, describing their struggles, hopes, and insights. As stated by one of the recommenders, “One of Us" is about changing the conversation around homelessness and providing a way for the voices of those affected to be heard.” Prof. Blumenkrantz included his students in the project, providing an opportunity for community engagement through field work, transforming the concept of social justice into action. “One of Us” culminated in an exhibition at the Museum of Social Justice running from May-October 2018.